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Archive for December, 2013

Seas To Mulberries Is Deceptively Simple Magic With A Lingering Impact


New York, NY,  — Frank Watson draws thousands of followers with a deceptively simple magic…  His short form micropoetry on Twitter “is like gold leaves floating in the wind.” His most
recent poetry collection
Seas to
(Plum White Press) is receiving more accolades.

“….It’s refreshing to see his words in a bound format….readers will find Seas to Mulberriesilluminating.” His work is
notable for its concise, yet powerful and deep imagery and emotional force. Haiku-like
short poems, usually of 3-6 lines, focus on making a sudden impact while
leaving a lingering impression of an image and a feeling. It continues to
receive a very positive response from thousands of followers on Twitter,
getting retweeted regularly and receiving multiple mentions.

In a
journey across the landscapes of time and place, between the changes in life
like the evolution of sand and sea, Watson’s poetry tells of the human heart
through tiny stories and images that linger in the mind as a meditation of the

Watson’s earlier work
One Hundred Leaves, a
translation of a Japanese poetry anthology
in the 13th century. Including one poem each from one hundred poets living from
the 7th century to the 13th century, the book covers a wide array of themes and
personal styles. One Hundred Leaves
is a new translation, complete with extensive notes, the original Japanese in
calligraphic font, the pronunciation, and side-by-side art work beautifully
illustrating each poem’s theme. 

He is also editor of Poetry
monthly journal seeking the best poetry and art that captures the interaction
between the senses—of images, sounds, tastes, smells, touch—and emotions. Frank
Watson was born in Venice, California and now lives in New York City. He enjoys
literature, art, calligraphy, history, jazz, international culture, and travel.
His work has appeared in various literary journals, anthologies, e-zines, and
literary blogs.

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Seas to Mulberries
Plum White Press

Available at online
retailers in print and all major e-reader platforms:

ISBN-13: 978-1939832023


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