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Top criminal profiler takes readers into the real world of criminal profiling

While criminal profilers in the movies look like models, spend days in the lab and hunt down their killer as a finale, real life is anything but that glamorous!  The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths (Hyperion Voice Publishing), a memoir by Pat Brown, written with Bob Andelman, is a first-hand look into the bona fide world of one of the most famous criminal profilers in our country today.  It is a riveting compilation of her actual case files that takes readers behind the scenes for a chilling look at bizarre sex crimes, domestic murders and mysterious deaths – bringing them face-to-face with rapists, killers and their brutalized victims.   

Brown embarked on her career following a personal experience nearly twenty years ago while a stay-at-home mom who had a boarder to help pay the bills.  After a young woman is found strangled in her neighborhood – the first homicide her small town had ever known – Brown approached local police with what she believed to be compelling evidence against the boarder, but her allegations were rejected.  Six years later, when her former boarder was finally brought in for questioning and became the number one suspect, her life’s work began and the rest, as they say, is history….

Not one to mince words, Brown tells it as she sees it, believing that her role is to inform people and help them understand how criminals operate – and how they get away with their crimes when no one connects the dots.  While she doesn’t sugar-coat the details of a crime, she still remains sensitive to the victim’s loved ones.

By outlining the deficiencies in the criminal justice system, Brown hopes her book will inspire readers from all walks of life to step up, get informed, and fight to change the things that need changing.  In this country’s overworked system, many homicide cases remain unsolved or unprosecuted – leaving violent killers free to kill again!  If profilers are brought in at the beginning of the investigative process, this injustice can hopefully be changed.  It is the author’s goal, by taking readers through the step-by-step process with her, that they will gain a better understanding of deductive criminal profiling and how this scientific analysis, based on physical and behavioral evidence, can be one of the most beneficial tools available to law enforcement officers today. 

Pat Brown has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University, and is the Founder and CEO of The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency and the Sexual Homicide Exchange (SHE) which provides pro bono criminal profiling to law enforcement agencies and training in criminal profiling and investigative analysis.  Possessing a dogged determination to uncover the true motives and perpetrators of crimes that have confounded others, Brown has earned her recognition as one of the top criminal profilers in the nation.

Brown’s expertise has made her a frequent guest on Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell, and for four seasons she profiled crimes on the weekly Court TV crime show I, Detective, as well as interviewing a child murderer inside one of Florida’s maximum-security prisons for the Discovery Channel series, Evil Minds.  To learn more about this top profiler, please visit her informative website at:



Nancy Grace, host of Nancy Grace on HLN and best-selling author of The Eleventh Victim:  “In her new book, The Profiler, Pat Brown takes us into the very minds of cold blooded killers.  Most people can’t comprehend the ‘why’ behind murder.  Pat, utilizing her background as one of the country’s leading criminal profilers, coaches the readers as to how a killer thinks, reacts, and kills!  Incredible!”

Agent Derek VanLuchene, President and Founder, Ryan United: “Anyone who has ever had a passion to make a difference should read this book.  Pat’s insight into these cases takes profiling to a whole new level.  From her work and wisdom comes the hope we all need to end the viciousness of killers who prey on the innocent.”

Stanton E. Samenow, Ph.D., author of Inside the Criminal Mind: “In her new book, Brown takes the reader along with her as she works to solve grisly crimes that have baffled others.  In her relentless pursuit to illuminate what seem to be hopeless cases, she shows just how deep an investigator must dig and all the details that must be absorbed and interpreted.”

Please read the review by Hartford Books Examiner at:


Laura Recovery Center Receives National Recognition

The Laura Recovery Center for missing children was awarded this year’s US Department of Justice Missing Children Non-Profit Organization of the Year Award. The award was presented to Gay Smither and Bob Walcutt at the annual Executive Director’s Conference of AMECO (Association of Missing and Exploited Children’s Organizations) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The award recognizes “… outstanding contribution and commitment to missing and exploited children” and was presented by Katherine Darke Schmitt, an Associate Deputy Administrator with the US Department of Justice.

The Laura Recovery Center was nominated for the award by Captain Shari Burrows of the Friendswood Police Department. In her nomination letter, Captain Burrows noted that “This organization has upheld high standards of professionalism and demonstrated noteworthy leadership in protecting children while forging positive relationships with local partners.” In addition Captain Burrows praised “the extraordinary effort they display contributing to the protection of children.”

Gay Smither, co-founder and president of the Laura Recovery Center, stated “It is an honor to receive this prestigious award. We are pleased to be recognized by the Justice Department for the work of our dedicated staff and volunteers. Being a warrior for missing children is often difficult, but we know that one missing child is one too many!”

The Laura Recovery Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, that was founded in Laura Smither’s memory. The Center focuses on Education, Search, and Prevention in the area of missing children, has offered free abduction prevention programs to over 200,000 children throughout the greater Houston area, worked with approximately 1,450 families with missing loved ones, and has organized 95 community searches for abducted children nationwide. The Center trains law enforcement at the Houston Police Department training academy and other agencies in Texas, and distributes educational materials and child ID kits.

 Laura Recovery Center at 906 Anna Lane, Friendswood, Texas 77546 –  281-785-1268 – or 281-482-5723,


Missing Texas Teen Alexandria Lowitzer

Alexandria Lowitzer, Ali to her friends, is an active 16-year-old who loves to text on her cell phone and play softball. She has been missing since April 26 after getting off the school bus near her home in Spring, TX.

SPRING , TX  – Alexandria Lowitzer seems to have vanished without a trace.
No phone calls, no text messages, no good-bye letter to indicate she was upset and wanted to get away from things. No obvious reason, anyway, for her to be upset.

The last time anyone saw the 16-year-old teen from Spring, she was getting off the school bus April 26, only a few feet from her home on Low Ridge Road.

Since Saturday, May 1, the Laura Recovery Center for Missing Children, a non-profit organization based in Friendswood, has organized a massive onsite search effort that has so far drawn approximately 200 volunteers to comb the extensive wooded area behind the Lowitzer residence.

“We had a horse team out in the woods through the Greater Houston Search Dog Team, and they also brought a dog to do some tracking and trailing,” said Bob Walcutt, executive director of the Laura Recovery Center, which was contacted by Ali’s family. “So far we have nothing to hang our hat on. We had some tips, different leads, but nothing concrete.”

The Houston Police Mounted Patrol covered a large portion of the wooded expanse, assisting Precinct 4 Constable’s deputies and Harris County Sheriff’s officials in the recovery effort, Walcutt said, and two men volunteered to search the area on ATVs.

“We’re literally covering areas where someone could take a person, commit a crime and [leave] them – large wooded areas, ponds, creeks,” he said. “Around here, there are a lot of places like that and so far we have found nothing. We’re still no further along than we were on the first day.”


Walcutt said his organization generally doesn’t get involved in runaway cases, which was still the current status assigned to Ali’s disappearance by law enforcement as of Friday.

“If we knew for sure this was a runaway, we would not be physically here right now,” he explained. “But Alexandria apparently lives on her phone, uses her text messaging all the time. When she left, everything stopped once she got off that bus. Everything. There has been no activity on that phone since then, which leads to the possibility that something may have happened to her at that point.”

Shaye Vaught is a friend of the Lowitzer family. Her own daughter and Ali are good friends, and over the years Ali had become a part of Vaught’s family as well.

“I love Ali to death; she’s like a third daughter to me,” she said. “She used to be in my Girl Scout troop, and it was nothing to have Ali come in the door behind my daughters after school and stay for dinner.”

Vaught, who volunteered at the Laura Recovery camp all week long, described Ali as a good kid, very sweet – a kid who would never run away to leave everything, and everyone, she loves behind. Those who know the teen say for her to miss her softball team’s season tournament and her best friend’s 16th birthday party is out of character.

“She’s a teenage girl, sure, but she’s not in any way a troublemaker,” she explained. “She was very excited about her job at Burger Barn. I think she really liked the work. She constantly called them to pick up extra shifts.”

In fact, officials believe Ali was on her way to pick up her paycheck from work, only half a mile from her home, after she got off the school bus.

Vaught said law enforcement could dedicate more resources to the search for Ali if her status were updated to “endangered.”

“It’s disheartening that she’s still listed as a runaway,” she said. “It would step things up a notch.”

Walcutt said law enforcement continues to conduct its investigation and at this time there is no hard evidence that foul play is involved. At the same time, he said, the complete lack of activity on Ali’s cell phone was enough to convince the Laura Recovery Center to get involved.

“My best hope is that she is a runaway,” he said. “In that case, she can come home and be safe and well. If she’s not a runaway, then all bets are off. In 99 out of 100 cases, everything turns out fine, but it’s that one percent that’s worrisome. Bad things do happen.”

If you have any information concerning Ali please contact: Contact: Dawn DavisLaura Recovery Center at 906 Anna Lane, Friendswood, Texas  77546 –  [email protected]”>[email protected] – 281-785-1268 – or 281-482-5723,

Ali’s flyer can be distributed from http://www.LRCF.NET/missing/1551

The Laura Recovery Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, that was founded in Laura Smither’s memory. The Center focuses on Education, Search, and Prevention in the area of missing children, has offered free abduction prevention programs to over 200,000 children throughout the greater Houston area, worked with approximately 1,450 families with missing loved ones, and has organized 95 community searches for abducted children nationwide. The Center trains law enforcement at the Houston Police Department training academy and other agencies in Texas, and distributes educational materials and child ID kits.


One best-selling author had the clever idea of giving back to his readers – a book club at a time

John Shors is the kind of author who wants to give back.  It is his belief that when someone buys one of his books he ought to do something nice for them in return, so when the paperback version of his bestselling novel Beneath a Marble Sky was published, he put a letter in the back that invited book clubs to invite him to their events. Shortly thereafter, Shors was pleasantly surprised to get asked to join a couple of book clubs a week. 

Readers were, and continue to be, amazed that an author would provide his personal email address to invite them to join him in a book discussion, and were deeply touched by the gesture.  Needless to say, word travels, and within a few months of launching his program, Shors was speaking with up to ten book clubs a day.  Such exposure greatly increased the sales of Beneath a Marble Sky, which is now an international bestseller and is available in twenty-five languages.

To date, Shors says he has spoken with about 2,500 book clubs – most certainly a record in the publishing industry – and the feedback is that everyone is thrilled to get an opportunity to actually chat one-on-one with the author of a book they have read.  A modest man, Shors feels he is just trying to do a tiny part in making reading fun again on a group level.

John Shors lived for several years in Kyoto, Japan where he taught English and later traveled throughout Asia.  His best-selling novels, Beneath a Marble Sky, Beside a Burning Sea, Dragon House, and his soon-to-be released, The Wishing Trees, are all set in Asia.  He continues to talk with several book clubs a night, these days chatting about all of his books.  His program has been so successful that it has inspired countless other authors to create similar platforms.  Please check out this intriguing author at


It’s 2012 and the world as we know it is about to end. Not in fire and blood but with the coming of the Messiah

The Miracle Man (O-Books) by Maggy Whitehouse is a story of a modern-day Messiah who becomes a judge on a hugely popular TV talent show. But would the Messiah really come to Las Vegas rather than Jerusalem? Would he be a wealthy TV megastar? Would he be a Jew, not a Christian?

Every move that Miracle Man, Josh Goldstone, makes is blasted over the internet and makes the headlines in newspapers and on television, as he uses his healing powers to wipe out alcoholism, drug use and gambling – in fact, just about any addiction that is rampant in our culture today.

But Christianity teaches that the Anti-Christ will masquerade as a healer and fundamental Christians are quick to denounce this powerful threat to their faith. Worse, the healing of the nations means that people don’t need Medicare, drugs, alcohol or even wealth. The economy will crash with a pain-free and happy population.

Josh’s next goal is politics; joining forces with the Dalai Lama to inspire a celebrity-led peaceful liberation of Tibet and accomplishing an astonishing ‘about face’ in Chinese policy. Now he has become a threat to the whole world order. 

Josh’s female PR guru Jude Isaacs (Judas Iscariot) wants to set up the publicity triumph of the year by staging an assassination of Josh live on air, believing that he will finish the story by rising once again.  Will the biggest publicity stunt in history be pulled off successfully…?

The Miracle Man cleverly follows the chronology of the four Gospels of the New Testament, portraying every main character, with a modern name, and all the miracles in a present-day setting. Now the greatest story ever told can make sense to a secular world. 

Maggy Whitehouse is an expert on mystical Bible interpretation and an author whose many books have been published worldwide.  She is a journalist and broadcaster with more than thirty years’ radio and TV experience in her native England, and is a minister in an independent Sacramental Christian Church.  Visit Maggy at: or on her websites at: and

Jane Struthers, Bella magazine and best-selling author of Literary Britain & Ireland and Royal Palaces of Britain: “If you loved the Da Vinci Code you will fall on this book with cries of delight.”
Jacky Newcomb, TV Presenter, Multi-award winner, best-selling author: “Spellbinding; Josh Goldstone is an angel for the modern world.”


A guide to owning your power and making choices that utilize the force behind the universe

Walking through Illusion: Jesus Speaks of the People who Shared His Journey (O-Books), by Betsy Otter Thompson, is written as a series of interrelated stories that, regardless of one’s individual faith, give a better understanding of the spirituality within. The book is more of an emotional accounting than a historical accounting, and is based on the premise that when we leave this world we don’t take our beliefs with us; we take the love we found from having them,

Each chapter is devoted to a specific theme around a person – from Mary Magdalene to Judas to Pilate – and each chapter helps readers to recognize the power within their own emotional actions. The author believes that the secret to happiness is in giving what you want, not in getting what you want. Walking through Illusion also offers a unique question and answer format at the end of each chapter designed to help readers bring the ideas from the book into their every day life in a meaningful way.

The stories are a means through which to explore human as well as spiritual issues – the pursuit of meaningful goals, the nature of loving gifts, the healing of our hearts, why happiness seems elusive, the reason for handicaps and, in general, why life often seems so unfair!  Since we know our time on Earth is temporary, Thompson believes we need to recognize what is real and what is not; the real being that which we feel in our hearts; the illusion being that which we see with our eyes. Her intuitive book suggests that action/reaction, cause and effect, or the pulling of energy back to itself, is the force that runs the universe. And since we have the power to use those physics in any way we wish, we might as well use them to our advantage to create a better life. Visit for more compelling messages from this author. 

Betsy Otter Thompson now devotes her time to writing. Previously, she worked in media sales, and also at Castle Rock Entertainment and Warner Brothers in Los Angeles. Her goal is not to challenge history but rather to help readers to embrace the concept that we create our emotional futures. Walking through Illusion is the second book in her trilogy on the life of Jesus.   



Joni Hudson-Reynolds,  “This is a fascinating read from a very creative mind. The commentary gives real heft to characters profiled in the Bible. I found the chapter on Approval and the characterization of Mark to be spot on in terms of relating to the human need to simply be accepted. The commentary related how we often put on masks that reveal only a portion of our self. The fine tuned dialogue moves us gracefully to a point of self acceptance which is a tribute to the brilliance of the author.”

Bonnie Neeley, a 5 Star Review on Amazon:  Provocative Spiritual Mystery
“Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thompson is a book you will want to read over and over if you are interested in spiritual matters. The chapters each take a Biblical character and in a Q & A format the author has a dialogue with Jesus about that person and the purpose of the trials or temptations he or she had in life. The situations all are presented in such a way, with Jesus’ answers so thought-provoking, that anyone can extrapolate the circumstances to his or her own life… It will take many readings to comprehend these simple illustrations which contain the Great Mystery. An EXCELLENT book.”

A Prolific Book Reader near Illinois, a 5 Star Review on Amazon: What an Amazing Book!
“Unlike any other book I’ve read that just talks ‘about’ Jesus – this one felt more like I was part of a hypothetical personal interview with Jesus and all the biblical people who actually ‘knew Him’…. it’s hard to find the kind of honesty that is exhibited by this author where she shares how her own life has also been greatly influenced by the book’s messages. This book did more in helping me to understand my own spirituality and to question my perspective on life than anything else I’ve read… A must-read for anyone who has questions about their own faith and beliefs and the part the church plays today in their life. There are so many unique possibilities to be gained from Walking Through Illusion!”

Cathal O’Briain, Author & Therapist “Powerful Mind through Self-Hypnosis”
“In Walking through Illusion, Betsy Otter Thompson delves into the human heart through her exploration of the people around Jesus. As her vehicle, she creates a conversation with him in order to understand his journey and the journeys of those around him. Her honest introspection of how the message affected her life helps the reader to remove the veil that keeps us from living life more fully. It’s an inspiring contribution from an inspiring author.”

Florida Reader Judith, a 5 star review on Amazon: “This book is very different from all other ones I’ve seen about Jesus. It doesn’t “talk” about Jesus and all the people we read about in the bible and bible classes. Instead this book gives the reader insight into how these people were affected by his life and choices. This is not a historical book. This is a book for those of us who have questions about our own faith and belief structure and the part it plays in today’s life. Read it more than once. Enjoy this book with an open heart, welcome the lessons.”


Saving America through Baseball – Covering the Bases with Spirit, Justice, Tradition and Meritocracy

There is no more urgent time in our history than right now to bring back the morality of the 50’s, combined with the racial and gender gains accumulated, and loudly sound the alarm that while America is in a dire financial crisis – what is even more insidious is its culture, which is in total ruin.  Victor Baltov’s new book, Baseball is America: Origins and History; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Author House), drives home the point that America is no longer leading the world and has, by following the principles and values of other countries, put the future of the American free market enterprise system in jeopardy!

By drawing a parallel with Baseball and America, Baltov’s book is extremely informational in the areas of baseball history and issues, American history and cultural issues, and drug use within baseball.  It explains why free market enterprise only works with Christian principles as its moral code, not political correctness; by making Americans live up to the true meaning of its creed and judge people by the content of real character within the strike zone (realm) of Founding principles and Christian values. 

While America has freedom of religion, its people are not allowed to practice the doctrine of their faith in the public eye or corporate structure, but instead practice political correctness (man’s law) which is now, sadly, serving as our moral compass.  Humanism allows for liberal ways of living that normalize unacceptable Christian behavior – expanding the acceptable behavioral strike zone that views acts such as cheating and stealing as simply the ‘competitive edge’ or ‘strategy.’  In other words, making it whatever we want it to be in order to win!

Arguing that Synthetic Era baseball is un-American, the author causes Americans to pause and ask ‘What is American?’ Are we really the United States of America or the United States of Entertainment?  It goes a long way in convincing readers to elect public service officials who represent the Spirit of ’76 instead of the spirit of secularism – bringing back a system of rewarding those playing by the rules and obeying American laws instead of the exact opposite.

There is a sense of urgency exhibited in Baltov’s writing that reflects the cultural and economic crisis our great country is in.  By trying to awaken the sleeping giant out of its complacency, he hopes people will be ready to respond if and when disaster strikes. 

As a tidbit to this book, Baltov will, in his third book in the series, step into a New Age of Enlightenment where he will fearlessly express his cure for our cultural woes.  In fact, he attempts to accomplish what Karl Marx tried in the 1840’s – to change an unfair and unjust system – but that is where the similarity ends!  Baltov’s vision is the complete opposite of Marx; where Marx once viewed religious beliefs as an obstacle to wealth redistribution and social status, the author views the practice of religious values and principles as imperative in alleviating injustice and unfairness naturally, through voluntary behavior, instead of forced government action.  Since baseball incorporates four sub-systems (family, youth activities, education and the entertainment industry), reflecting the larger American cultural superstructure, it means that those playing by the rules should be rewarded, and those not playing by the rules and laws should be subjected to impartial justice and no longer hailed as role models!

To learn more on this insightful author and his riveting series, visit