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Mix together the biggest egos, the most ambitious personalities and the glitz of Manhattan and you get one hot new Reality TV Show

Devorah Rose came to the United States from Venezuela at the age of five, not knowing a word of English.  Yet this accomplished, down-to-earth young woman went on to graduate from an Ivy League college, earned a position as Editor-in-Chief of a fashion and luxury lifestyle publication, rose to the upper echelon of the New York social circuit, and has made herself a familiar face on the CW, Bravo and MTV networks.

Devorah hopes that the new show, with all its personalities, drama, and tongue-in-cheek humor, will give viewers a hysterical, behind-the-scenes look into the New York City social scene, enabling them to make their own judgments and determine what is real and what is a myth.   

For more information on this vibrant, accomplished young woman, please visit her website at: and check out just a couple of past articles on Devorah at:


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Gifted musical artist, entrepreneur, passionate social/political activist – all titles that equally fit one very talented man

Ed Hale stirred up a great deal of controversy in 2005 with the Transcendence album Sleep with You that explored relationships, sex, women, romance, drugs, and life on the road. Anyone who knows him best appreciates his deep passion for music, writing, and his unyielding frankness when it comes to matters close to his heart; however, unknown to some, he is also the author of an award-winning screenplay and a pop-culture/ sociology non-fiction book, about to hit the market, as well as being a guest columnist on the Sundance Film Channel Website covering how “green” peace on earth really is.

Music is in the blood for this man who released his first album at the tender age of 17 and whose great-uncle was none other than the famous musical conductor and arranger, Antonio Morelli, well known for his many years at the infamous Copa Room in Vegas during the ‘Rat Pack’ years.  After having received a guitar from his mother at a young age to ‘vent his creativity and keep him out of trouble’ – the rest, as they say, is history! 

The songs on Hale’s latest impressive new album Ballad on Third Avenue are said to be the most personal and intimate collection of songs he has ever recorded.  An eleven song acoustic singer/songwriter venture, it is said to be reminiscent of Bright Eyes, Kings of Convenience, Rubber Soul era Beatles, Belle and Sebastian, and Simon and Garfunkel.  Not surprising that his latest album debuted on the CMJ Most Added Chart at #14 and then climbed to #140 on the CMJ Top 200, along with the release of the first single, I Walk Alone, which became a staple on Triple A radio stations all over the United States and Canada.

Hale’s respected and tireless efforts in social and political activism may also be something in the family blood since Hale is the nephew of Eleanor Cutri Smeal, former president of the National Organization for Women and one of the leading American feminists of the 20th century.  Named a Civilian diplomat, he represents the United States around the world and never tires in his efforts for world peace, earning him the nickname ‘the Ambassador.’  Not content simply working with Habitat for Humanity in providing homes and a new beginning for those less fortunate; he strives daily to make the world a better place in his honored role as one of this country’s civilian diplomats.  In fact, it was in this role that he first visited Iran in 2008 to discuss peace between the two countries, and later met directly with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the United Nations in an effort to promote world peace. 

Alongside Hale’s incredibly talented music, openly public spirituality, and activism for human rights and world peace, there is an ambitious entrepreneur who has founded numerous multimillion-dollar companies over the years that include a chain of health food stores, real estate, a clothing line, a multi-media company, and his latest venture in a New York based business consulting firm with offices worldwide. 

Fans of this rock star extraordinaire will be happy to learn of his national tour this Summer promoting Ballad on Third Avenue (dates have already been announced for Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver), plus the upcoming release of another new Transcendence album, the long awaited All Your Heroes Become Villains, only this time Hale will surely be accompanied by his lovely new wife, Nahal Mishel-Ghashghai, who was the inspiration for the band’s alterna-rock smash Superhero Girl on the controversial album, Sleep With You.  To hear songs from the new album or connect with Ed Hale online, visit or his official fan-pages on Facebook or MySpace for more on this diverse artist.  Promo copies of Hale’s new CD Ballard on Third Avenue are available by request for review or article purposes.


Whoever said trouble comes in three’s was wrong – blessings come in three’s

Fran Pitre is the author of Twins X 3: A mom of three sets of twins gives her personal testimony that all things are possible with God (Xlibris Corporation); a true story that outlines a young mother’s journey that begins with the struggles, heartache and ethical dilemmas associated with infertility.  While Fran’s dream really did come true – she met her perfect man and they had the perfect marriage, one thing was still missing – she was not pregnant after one heart-breaking year of trying. 

Fran Pitre’s story is a transparent, honest journey of faith, fortitude and thankfulness of family and is a testimony that family values are still worth fighting for in this technologically advanced world we live in.  It was her faith that made her confident after seeking medical advice that any problems would be detected and easily fixed.  However, her faith was tested when five years later she was still childless and their marriage and faith in God had taken a beating.  After they were told their only chance of conceiving a baby would be through assisted reproductive technologies, Fran faced a moral dilemma that almost destroyed her. 

Being a devout Catholic, acceptable options were very limited and she had to either abide by her faith or go with procedures that statistically offered the greatest success for pregnancy.  She and her husband decided to go with an assisted reproductive technology procedure that while not unconditionally accepted by the Church, was also not disapproved, and two weeks after the procedure – her pregnancy test was positive!  When they discovered she was pregnant with twins they were overwhelmed with joy and the sense that their faith, loyalty and integrity had been rewarded.

While Pitre entertains the reader with the daily comedies and struggles of parents of twin toddlers, she also reveals the fear, pain and anxiety in her attempts to conceive again, right through to her third pre-term labor and delivery, showing how her faith in God, family and friends became her pillar of support in the many trials she encountered along the way. 

Twins X 3 is a story of love, pain, humor, fear, and joy that covers the author’s life from her teenage years through the summer of 2009, confronting topics ranging from long-term infertility, high-risk multiple pregnancy, premature birth and miscarriage, to breastfeeding multiples and postpartum depression, all of which will captivate the reader from cover to cover.  It is a heart-wrenching yet incredibly inspiring journey that will cause readers to both laugh and cry as they discover connections that they can totally relate to.

Many multiple births are sensationalized in the current mainstream media but don’t confuse those with the Pitres’ – their family began in 1985 and they are still very much together today!  Visit this engaging author’s website at:



Talking Points:

  • Real-life story of couple that want a child and problems encountered, both moral and  spiritual, in making decisions regarding fertility treatments.

  • Turning to God in times of need and accepting His plan for both the good and the  difficult times.

  • Trials, tribulations, comedy and challenges involved with high-risk, multiple  pregnancy and having twins – three sets!

  • Having multiple births born into a loving family environment instead of with the hype  and sensationalism surrounding today’s news stories.

Rave reviews from readers:

Cathy Nasby, BSN, RN, MBA,MHS,CNAA: “Intelligent, realistic and straight from the heart, Fran’s perspective from a parent’s point of view will help all nurses appreciate the impact they have on their patients and families.”

Loretta Haycook, RN, IBCLC: “I couldn’t put TwinsX3 down!  This book is about faith and determination, family love and support….Pitre and her family demonstrate that having and raising healthy children is not easy, but so worth the wait and hard work.”

Msgr. Vincent Haut, Diocese of St. Augustine: “I found out a lot more than I expected about Fran Pitre’s experience as a mother of three sets of twins.  She shares a lot of information about her experiences, family and even her body…that flood of information is part of the beauty of her story.  Her allegiance to her faith and her desire to tell the truth about herself inspires me and helps me be confident that the world is not so bad.  She shows families are still worth fighting for …the perennial values are holding strong.  This isn’t a case of getting more than we thought we ever wanted to know but of finding the More that makes what seems so ordinary something more beautiful than we ever imagined.”

Scott M. Circe: “Twins X 3 is a wonderful journey of faith, fortitude and family.  Obviously, the greatest stories are true-life…this ranks with some of the best.  Pitre writes her story with heart, humor and humility that just brings the reader right into the pages…excellent book that allows the reader to be thankful for family.”


You don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it is a simple saying with a whole lot of truth in it

Kentetsu Takamori is a revered, best-selling author in his native Japan where his latest book, Something You Forgot…Along the Way: Stories of Wisdom and Learning (Ichimannendo Publishing), has sold well over 650,000 copies.  Translated into English, it has received so much attention in this country that it has been ordered by major hospitals, such as, UCLA Medical Center, Cedars Sinai, St. Luke’s, Huntington Beach Hospital, just to name a few, who believe its inspiring messages will help patients and families alike.

The old adage ‘the best things come in small packages’ totally describes this amazing book that has a total of sixty-five short stories that bring Takamori’s philosophy to life – a philosophy that is so simple in its wisdom of ‘what we have is not ours forever.’   Undoubtedly, if we didn’t know how much longer we would have with family and friends – we would cherish every moment with them. 

Takamori’s stories guide us to see deeper into life, focusing on the importance of honor and perseverance, and demonstrating that success only comes through the fruit of our efforts.  For anyone dealing with the results of a poor economy, a lost job, or lost housing or business, this is a must-read to find positive answers to believe in.  Its heart-warming stories show what it means to learn from life experiences in order to better ourselves and the world we live in, believing that once we accept the inevitability of change we have taken the first step towards a brighter future. 

The lesson in each story is honesty, the frankness unforgettable – drawing readers in to its direct and unapologetic message.  Each page exudes sincerity and goodness, motivating the reader to want to become a better person – truly a worthy read for anyone seeking a meaningful existence. 


Mr. Takamori has an Irish representative, Frank Costelloe, who represents him in the United States for interviews or guest appearances, and he does it with flair and charm as only the Irish can do. 


Virginia Esteban of Hoyen Delaware: “Takamori’s book is a jewel.”

Keith Lorenz: “It is small enough to put in your pocket but large enough to change your life.”

Midwest Book Review: “The stories carry much in philosophy and are heavily Buddhist inspired.”

Bonnie Neely of “I highly recommend this book.”

Duane Benjamin of Urbanology Magazine: “Warm and profound stories.”

Jerry Groebner, Lake Region Times: “Why did I forget these simple things?”

Karen Hinson, Machias Valley News Observer: “It provides valid daily lessons in humility and understanding”


The perfect blend of fact and fiction equals one roller coaster ride into the deep world of clandestine operations

Taken from the actual life story of a rogue agent who was hunted by agencies around the world, Targets of Deception (Variance Publishing) by Jeffrey Stephens is filled with one action-packed scene after another, giving the reader a glimpse into a world of excitement and conspiracies beyond their wildest imagination!

The author’s own vast knowledge of travel throughout Europe is vibrantly reflected in this non-stop thriller as his lead protagonist journeys from a peaceful, upstate town in New York to sultry Miami, and then on to Paris, culminating in a dramatic set of circumstances in Portofino, Italy, reminding readers that danger lurks even in the most idyllic of places. 

Jordan Sandor had already resigned his position with the CIA before 9/11.  After a series of shocking events, he reluctantly gets drawn back into the game and sets out on a search that takes him half way across the world.  Never sure who he can trust and who may be his enemy, but knowing that the lives of millions of people are at stake, Sandor is forced to rely on his gut instincts as well as trained skills as he risks his life to uncover an al-Qaeda conspiracy about to launch nerve gas attacks on the world!   When Sandor finds out the rogue agent behind the plot is his old mentor – he knows he is the only man who can stop him and prevent the catastrophe.

Understanding that men like Sandor really do put their life on the line for freedom every day is probably one of the reasons why Stephens’ donates substantial amounts of the book’s royalties to Special Operations Warriors Foundation – an organization that provides assistance to surviving children of fallen Special Ops personnel.  Please visit this exciting new author’s website and check out the video trailer of Targets of Deception at:



Vince Flynn, NY Times No. 1 best-selling author of Protect and Defend: “Jeffrey Stephens has arrived with Targets of Deception; a ripping, good yarn of intrigue that will keep you turning the pages all the way to its explosive ending.”

Steve Berry, NY Times best-selling author of The Charlemagne Pursuit: “Lush, lusty, fascinating, and smart.  A pulse-pounding treat.”

Robert K. Tanenbaum, best-selling author, Malice, Counterplay, Fury:  “Jeff Stephens is a writer to watch. His first book, Targets of Deception, is a very solid, fast paced thriller that carries the reader on a globe-trotting adventure into the world of counter-terrorism. We will want more of CIA agent Jordan Sandor.”

Steve Alten, NY Times best-selling author of Meg and The Shell Game: “Jeffrey Stephens takes the reader on a fast-paced tale of international intrigue and suspense in this, his first novel, Targets of Deception. With a terrific lead character in Jordan Sandor and many plot twists, I look forward to watching Stephens develop as a top-notch author.”

Jon Land, best-selling author of Strong Enough to Die: “Targets of Deception is a stunningly savage achievement destined to give other masters of the post-9/11 thriller, Vince Flynn and Brad Thor, a run for their money.”


Retired priest trades writing sermons for writing thrilling tales of international intrigue

In Ernest Hunt’s gripping novel, Terror on East 72nd Street (Publish America), the story is made frighteningly convincing by his superb job of demonstrating the ongoing struggle against radicals who cross the northern border between the U.S. and Canada, while recognizing the cooperation that does exist between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and U.S. Federal Agents. 

What began as a violent encounter between two men on East 72nd Street in Manhattan, escalates into a series of conflicts between federal agents and Canadian Islamic terrorists whose goal is to destroy the Statue of Liberty.  A chase ensues that begins in the Catskill Mountains, on to a hazardous ferry crossing from Vancouver to Victoria, and ends in an abandoned railway tunnel near the Brooklyn waterfront where a stolen fireboat is used in a deadly game of cat and mouse, with the terrorists on one side and federal agents working with cooperative Muslims on the other, that results in murder, mayhem and martyrdom! 

A female Muslim emerges as the book’s heroine in a story laden with chilling turns of events and unexpected encounters with evil that keep the reader glued to the book – not wanting it to end but unable to stop reading until they reach the very last page!

For more information on the work of this prolific writer, please visit his website at



Reader rave reviews:

Chicago, IL: “An amazing story… I was on the edge of my seat as I got drawn in to the chase … all the while witnessing the lead characters as they get sucked into an evil game of murder, chaos and martyrdom that has chilling twists and turns at every corner. Nothing is `ordinary’ in this story – it’s loaded with thrills and unpredictable events that go head-on with evil – a great read for anyone who thrives on excitement!


The nature of this evil is arrogance – the kind that has a deadly outcome

Ernie Hunt’s primary intention when he wrote Paris Under Siege (Publish America) was to bring attention to the issue of human slavery; in particular, the plight of some Muslim women.  He accomplished this brilliantly in his spellbinding novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats all the way to the unpredictable end!

It is the story of a man living in Paris who appears outwardly to be a wealthy man helping poor North Africans living in the Paris suburbs; however, he turns out to be anything but that!  Penny, a reporter from New York, knows what he really is – an Islamic terrorist hell bent on destroying famous American institutions in Paris.  Penny’s friend Charles doesn’t believe her warnings until he gets captured by the terrorist after he discovers his arsenal of weapons hidden in the Sahara desert.

Charles suffers torture at the hands of Aboud and his men, but is then rescued by a Muslim Egyptian flight attendant who had her own run-in with this terrorist when she was enslaved by him after a 2001 Islamic riot against women in Algeria.  The excitement builds as the two flee across the desert on a camel, facing untold dangers at the hands of Aboud’s men that leaves Charles critically wounded.  When they finally make it to Paris, they recruit the help of an officer at the American Embassy and the unlikely four set out on a mission filled with thrills and suspense in an attempt to thwart the terrorist’s plans.

Visit the website at: to see other fine work from this remarkable writer.



Rave reviews are coming in from readers:

Reader in Florida: “…Paris comes alive in this book as we see through the eyes of Mr. Hunt who lived and worked in France. This is a book for the times in which we are now living; it enables us to see the many faces of the terrorists walking among us.  Enjoy this book – it will lead you on quite an adventure!!”

Reader in Chicago, IL: “This is a must-read that is so relative to today’s world climate. A great story … takes the reader on a suspense-filled, cat and mouse chase across a desert and later on an unforgettable roller-coaster ride through the streets of Paris. I feel as though I’ve visited the City of Lights myself now, having seen it through the vivid descriptions of the author… Make sure you have a lot of time to read when you start this book as I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down until it’s finished!”