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Fighting for acceptance and understanding in a sometimes unforgiving world

In God’s Affection for Those Who Live Alternative Lifestyles (Pendium Publishing House), Demetrios Forney takes readers on a riveting six-chapter journey of compassion, comprehension, tolerance, and acceptance of all people who choose to live their lives as homosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians and transgenders. It is his goal to bring about awareness of showing unconditional love and compassion for those who live their lives this way.

Forney’s book is packed with famous quotations from historical figures, articulated reenactments of historic and modernized events, as well as vast biblical insights—and his goal is to truly change the mindset of readers so that all will appreciate God’s Affection for Those Who Live Alternative Lifestyles!

People who live these lifestyles face discrimination daily. Things that heterosexuals take for granted are often major issues for those living ‘differently.’  When it comes to travel, for instance, they need to ensure that their destination is not biased against them; resulting in their having to choose vacation spots that are known to be frequented by homosexuals, lesbians and others.  To choose the wrong destination could cost them their lives—as demonstrated by the lack of compassion and understanding exhibited by many Middle Eastern countries where homosexuality is grounds for death by usually barbaric methods. Thankfully, most countries have changed in their attitudes but there is still a long way to go for these people to be accepted as ‘normal.’

For some religions, they believe that God is a forgiving and loving God and that He does not judge (as mortal men often do)—therefore He is accepting of all His children. Forney’s goal is to educate more people and bring awareness to this lifestyle in hopes that others will become more accepting.

Demetrios Forney was born in Brooklyn, NY and was raised in the Bronx. He is an ordained Elder in the Christian faith, holding an MBA degree in Organizational Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Police Studies, and is presently pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Pastoral Community Counseling at Argosy University in Florida. He is a U.S. Navy veteran who lives with his wife in Raleigh, NC.


The down-to-earth doctor puts healthy holistic lifestyles within readers’ reach in time for New Years

At some point in their lives, most Americans face the high-cost, high-risk traditional medical system.  Soon afterward they are fed up with it.  But now Dr. Tom Potisk’s book, Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages (Maven Mark Books), offers a healthy holistic alternative to common ailments and corporate healthcare options from a refreshing new perspective.

This book is changing American healthcare culture by retrieving control from greedy and abusive corporations and politicians and restoring it to the people.  Dr. Potisk helps readers end over-reliance on traditional medical care.  Specific solutions are provided for over 40 common ailments including fibromyalgia, colic, headaches, infections, and bedwetting.  Readers can apply Dr. Potisk’s nutrition and health expertise to their lives and immediately reap the rewards.

Internationally renowned and loved, Dr. Potisk has earned the nickname the “Down-to-Earth Doctor” because of his easy-going conversational style of teaching do-it-yourself natural health techniques. In a conversational style Dr. Potisk supplies readers of Whole Health Healing with practical, realistic advice about saving money on health care, the truth about ‘real’ health, the five most dangerous exercises, ways to enjoy eating without gaining weight, and how to raise healthier children. True dramatic patient anecdotes that run the emotional gamut from humorous to tragic empower and motivate readers to obtain optimum health.  The author includes observations of healthier cultures from his many travels to remote and exotic locales; he even reveals the secrets of his own family’s extraordinary wellness.
This unique book provides easy to follow, budget friendly, safe, and effective natural options for dozens of common maladies.  One example of these practical and inexpensive holistic health tips is for readers with knee injuries.  The book includes an illustrated description of a remarkably effective, simple, and safe self-applied knee-stretching maneuver that requires only a bath towel to be effective.  Another example of the economical, holistic health improvement lessons supplies readers suffering from cholesterol problems with a natural regimen that has worked wonders for many of his patients.  Seniors and parents receive special attention in the book: there’s a special chapter for advanced-age health and another for raising healthier children.

Either celebrities or “medical defectors” with minimal, if any, training and experience with holistic, natural healthcare have written many of the books on holistic health, but Whole Health Healing relies on a quarter century of training and experience of one of America’s leading natural healthcare practitioners.  Dr. Potisk is a real holistic doctor who has helped thousands of patients in one of the largest holistic health clinics, which he founded in 1985.  He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and trained for hundreds of hours and is certified in nutritional counseling and wellness, and was elected Chiropractor of the Year, extensively publishes and lectures in his community.  Dr. Potisk lives holistically on a farm in Wisconsin with his wife and 3 children.  His goal is to improve lives by empowering people to make wiser healthcare decisions.

Readers can purchase Whole Health Healing and learn other interesting information about this unique and innovative speaker, healthcare specialist, and author at Dr. Potisk’s website:  .



Brian Lampe, chair CEO Ministries: “I rarely buy books about health after being let down by several that I found to be over-hyped and written by either celebrities or medical “defectors” with little holistic health training. But upon a recommendation of a friend, I bought Dr Potisk’s book and was blown away at his ability to write in a conversational style I can understand and with information I can put to use right now. I’ve already lost 35 pounds by just following a few of his simple suggestions. It’s easy to recognize his training and experience with the subject, and I love all the little stories he uses from his experiences in his practice, his own family, and his travels to remote places. I’m now getting my wife and child on this new healthy path Dr Potisk makes so easy to follow.”

Dr. Jerry Zelm, author of What Your Doctor Never Told You: “This book contains cutting edge, useful information for everybody. This is the answer to the health care crisis in the US. Thanks to Dr. Tom’s help, I’m enjoying an active, healthy life at age 63.”

Suzy Cohen, RPh, author of The 24-Hour Pharmacist and Drug Muggers: “Whole Health Healing is a well-researched and surprisingly entertaining book. Dr. Potisk is clearly ‘’outraged’ at the current American ‘sickness-care’ system, and it has lit a fire within him to inspire others to get well naturally. If more doctors were like him, we’d all be healthier for it.”

Kira Henschel, MavenMark Books: “Tom Potisk is one of the most caring, sincere proponents of natural healthcare I know. He is a skilled chiropractor, an eloquent and dynamic speaker…and all in all, a wonderful person to know and work with. …’Whole Health Healing’ [is] a great resource for people of all ages, with straightforward advice, wry humor, and excellent holistic information.”


One author’s personal shot at world peace by changing the way we think – what an incredible legacy to bestow on mankind

James Prieto is the author of The Joy of Compassionate Connecting – The Way of Christ through Nonviolent Communication. His mission is to facilitate communication and contribute to deepening relationships between people, within groups and organizations, through the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).
Nonviolent Communication, also known as Compassionate Communication, was created by famed American psychologist Marshall Rosenberg.  It is a conversational framework that invites listening from the heart, encouraging a letting-go of outcomes and judgments for the sake of connection, helping people understand each other peacefully. The purpose of NVC is to strengthen our ability to inspire compassion in others and to respond compassionately to others and to ourselves.   It guides us to reframe how we express ourselves, as well as how we hear others, by focusing on what we are observing, feeling, needing and requesting.

Appealing to Christians (or anyone with a desire to improve relationships through better communication), Prieto’s book describes the Way of Christ through Nonviolent Communication, demonstrating how the teachings of Jesus exemplify values of love, mutual respect, responsibility and compassion.  This text is a guide showing how NVC facilitates living in integrity with these values – something politicians and corporate America could definitely benefit from in today’s society.
The Joy of Compassionate Connecting is packed with personal stories that demonstrate how a follower of Christ can incorporate NVC to turn troubled relationships into joy-filled connections.  It is an invitation for readers to rediscover Christian principles, showing that by applying them in everyday communication the reader can get to experience the treasures Jesus taught us by transforming our relationships with compassionate connecting, ultimately partaking in the spirit-filled life.

James Prieto is a software developer for a consulting company in southern California.  Raised a Catholic, baptized a Christian in the Pacific Ocean in 2003, he is passionate about his spiritual journey in connection with the Creator and others, and continues to follow the Way of Christ in his everyday life.  Discovering NVC in 2002, he has immersed himself in it ever since –pursuing ways to contribute to peace and help others build fulfilling relationships through his writing, practice groups and workshops.

For more information, please visit .



Kirkus Reviews: “…the inspired efforts of a Christian helped by NVC who wants to share his experience with the world and help people better their lives…More meditation than guidebook, Prieto’s work is compelling, motivating and useful…”

Brian D. McLaren, author of The Secret Message of Jesus, A New Kind of Christian, and Everything Must Change: “Blessed are the peacemakers,’ Jesus said.  The work of peacemaking begins with each of us learning to communicate compassionately…Prieto offers just the kind of practical, down-to-earth guidance we need.”

Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, Center for Action and Contemplation: “What a marvelous combination of very practical wisdom from Scripture, psychology, justice work, personal experience, and even the arts!  This is the kind of book that people need today to…get started, to keep going, and to keep going deeper.  Thank you for your own compassion, James Prieto!”

Mary Mackenzie, CNVC Certified Trainer and Cofounder, NVC Academy: “If you’ve ever wondered how NVC fits with traditional Christianity, I recommend Mr. Prieto’s insightful book!”


A story of redemption: how a woman dishonored her country by her choices, felt its wrath, and suffered in silent penance until her death

Axis Sally: The American Voice of Nazi Germany (Casemate Publishers ISBN: 978-1-935149-43-9) by Richard Lucas is the true story of Mildred Gillars, the Maine-born, Ohio-bred woman who went to Hitler’s Germany in 1934 to study music and fell in love with a German citizen.  At the outbreak of war in 1939, while the last Americans returned home, Gillars elected to stay in Germany hoping for marriage. Although her fiancée died during the war, a charming former Hunter College Professor stepped into the breach.  However, Max Otto Koischwicz already had a wife and much bigger plans for Gillars.  He enlisted her in the German overseas radio in Berlin where, under his leadership, her position as a simple announcer escalated into master propagandist—becoming the messenger of Nazi propaganda and doom to the American GI.

Gillars, a failed Broadway actress, learned fast and used her sexy, soothing voice to taunt troops about the supposed infidelities of their wives and girlfriends back home, as well as describing the horrible deaths they were about to meet on the battlefield.  Backed by German military intelligence, “Axis Sally” was able to convey personal greetings to individual US units that naturally caused anxiety among the troops who felt the Germans knew exactly who and where they were. 

At the end of the war Gillars was captured by the Americans after a failed attempt to pose as a refugee.  She was returned to the U.S. to stand trial for the crime of treason.  Her 1949 trial captured the attention of a nation whose memory of the horrors of war was still fresh. After a three-month trial, she was found guilty and sentenced to 10–30 years. Paroled in 1961 after serving just 12 years, she quietly spent the remainder of her life as a music instructor in a Catholic Girl’s school in Columbus, Ohio until her death in 1988.

Richard Lucas leaves no stone unturned in telling this rich and compelling story of Axis Sally—a woman who attempted to rebuild her life in the country she betrayed, after she had become one of the most notorious Americans of the 20th century!



• The first-ever non-fiction biography of this famous yet little understood figure.

• 16 pages of photos cover Axis Sally’s life from her childhood confirmation through her days as a showgirl, to Germany, and finally her prison in the US.

• An appendix with actual transcripts of Axis Sally’s broadcasts.

• A selection of the Military and History Book Clubs: “… Mildred Gillars was one of the most notorious Americans of the 20th century. With Axis Sally, Richard Lucas has written a fascinating biography of this reviled disseminator of Nazi propaganda.…Axis Sally is a detail-rich, compellingly readable look at this mythologized figure of World War II.“

For more information please contact Tara Lichterman at Casemate Publishing (610) 853-9131 Email: [email protected]


Reality TV Star Toya’s Rough Road Becomes ‘Priceless Inspirations’ In New Cautionary Tale of Sex, Motherhood and Growing Up

She’s found enviable fame and fortune, so Toya’s new memoir surprises readers with its unexpected message to young girls: Don’t do it my way.

Antonia Johnson Carter – best known by the mononym Toya and star of the hit TV reality series “Tiny and Toya” – has written a life story that honestly faces the tears, fears and insecurities that rode shotgun on her drive to stardom.
“Priceless Inspirations” (Farrah Gray Publishing) offers Toya’s own life choices as a backdrop for advice to young girls on sex, relationships, motherhood and growing up. Getting pregnant at 14 gave Toya valuable perspective on the perils of growing up too fast.
Rap music star Lil Wayne fathered Toya’s daughter, Reginae, and wed Toya seven years later, but the marriage lasted only two years. Another lesson learned.
“That relationship has brought me a lot of love and a lot of pain.” Toya said. “Right now, my main focus is family.”
The protective cocoon of family is something Toya spent most of her life without. Abandoned by her parents as a child, she was passed from family member to family member as her mother sank deeper into drug addiction. Feeling unloved and unwelcome, Toya fell into the arms of a 15-year-old rising musical star – Dwayne Michael Carter, now known as Lil Wayne – and soon was pregnant.
In “Priceless Inspirations,” Toya takes the reader through the pain of struggling to raise a child while still a child herself, without the benefit of guidance from her own mother. Using words she recorded in journals as a teen – and the wisdom she has gained in the years since – Toya bares her own soul for the benefit of today’s young girls.
Toya’s roller coaster saga continues: While her mom is now a recovering addict, ex-husband Lil Wayne is serving a one-year prison sentence at Riker’s Island for gun possession charges.
When not writing or performing in her TV series, Toya volunteers to help at-risk teens and teen mothers. She is also developing a children’s clothing line inspired by her daughter Reginae. The clothing line will feature fashion-forward, affordable loungewear and accessories for teens.

Farrah Gray Publishing will be publishing Antonia “Toya” Carter’s “Priceless Inspirations” in February 2011. Grammy Award-winning rapper Lil Wayne is writing the Foreword.


Book Foreword by multi-Grammy Award-winner Lil Wayne

BET Television: “The memoir, which is dedicated to all women, is an inspirational and encouraging read. Toya’s hope is to inspire women with similar struggles and those that can somehow see themselves in her narrative.”
“Tiny and Toya:” On June 28, 2009, the reality TV series drew more than three million viewers, the highest-rated series debut in BET history. “Tiny and Toya” returns to the air in 2011 for its third season.


If government were for the people it would never underestimate the power of the people – unfortunately, not today’s government

Ops Populi: Inception (Astute Publishing Company) by Mike Lieber is a fast-paced political thriller that ranks right up alongside Ludlum, Flynn and Coonts!  It is the first of a three-part series that blends patriotic fervor with political corruption, leading to a second U.S. Constitutional Convention.  Ops Populi, meaning ‘power to the people,’ is what billionaire philanthropist, Martin Lochridge, believes is the answer for the best legacy he can leave behind to build back an America that truly lives up to the ideals of the Founding Fathers.  

The story begins in a small town in Maine where college professor and Army National Guard Officer, Sean May, delivers an impassioned speech to a crowd that includes Lochridge, a patriot and retired billionaire, heartsick over the rapid decline of his country at the hands of a self-serving government, who is looking for a way to leave a lasting legacy where his fortune will truly make a difference.

Ten years later, Major May is serving his third active-duty tour in war-torn Iraq and is injured by an insurgent rocket attack and evacuated to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington.  Angered by the poor conditions and his inadequate treatment, he walks out of the hospital and finds himself wandering the streets of the capital with little money and still suffering the effects of a head injury that robbed him of much of his memory.  The major carries a computer flash drive but what he doesn’t know is that it contains evidence of a crime ring involving ruthless government contractors and others who are holding the highest offices in the nation.  He meets Virginia Burress, who helps the hungry and homeless vet, and there follows a frightening chain of events as they become prey in a desperate hunt by the ruthless group who will stop at nothing to protect their power, position and wealth.

Unknown to him, May’s lecture ten years earlier provided the inspiration for Martin Lochridge who has been busy forming a secret organization, Ops Populi, from which he plans on initiating a colossal campaign for a people’s Constitutional Convention that he hopes will restore the Founding Fathers ideals to America. Believing that government must first be reformed at its base level, he plans to start with the Constitution that created our Republic. And for this, Lochridge needs the help of Major Sean May so first he must rescue him and his companion from the grip of the corruption they have uncovered.  

Mike Lieber’s first political thriller in the Ops Populi series illustrates how elites dominate our society today, aggressively guarding our nation’s public and private institutions that enforce the rules of our society, and if citizens do not respond and take back control from the elites – it will be the downfall of our Republic.  This is where ‘Inception’ marks the beginning of the epic transition to the next great phase of America’s evolution.  Please visit  for more information on this incredible novel.



Midwest Book Review:  “An absorbing novel of political intrigue and patriotism.  What some people give for their country is life changing.  Inception tells the success story of retired billionaire and army officer Sean May.  When an injury in Iraq sends him on a spiral onto the streets, poor and destitute, his only chance for happiness may be one caring woman and a piece of evidence that could damn several corrupt individuals higher up.“ “A fast paced, entertaining and craftily woven political thriller…with many subplots, the author tells the story of power and patriotism.  The characters and dialogue set the stage for a first rate novel that will have every reader begging for a sequel. “

Richard L. Wight:  “Inception is a real page-turner.  Multiple sub-plots deftly interwoven…Lieber has obviously done this research.  (Having spent time in the Army …and a career with the Federal Government dealing with military issues, I can vouch for the accuracy of many of the book’s details.)  I was even motivated to re-read the Constitution after an unpatriotic lapse of many years.  There is obviously a sequel coming – I’ll try to be the first in line.”


Baseball is a metaphor for wild pitches Americans now call strikes

Most people agree that since the founding of American society the bounds of what is acceptable have been stretched.  Victor Baltov, Jr. uses the strike zone in baseball as a metaphor for this boundary stretching in BASEBALL IS AMERICA: Origins and History, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (AuthorHouse), the second in his BASEBALL IS AMERICA trilogy.  In this well-written, thought-provoking book the author challenges the American cultural current toward materialism and uses experiences from a genuine account of the life of a baseball player as described in the first book, A Child of Baseball, from the Glory Days through the Synthetic Era to address baseball, corporate America, American politics, and the culture wars. 

Laced with satirical humor, this book urges readers to redefine actions they consider acceptable, or to ‘Reclaim the Strike Zone,’ based on American founding principles by electing officials who uphold the Constitution.  In BASEBALL IS AMERICA, Baltov highlights the parallels between American culture and baseball.  His fierce passion to restore integrity and character to baseball, as well as to the country, endows Baltov with the skills of a great speaker.  This acknowledged expert in the history of the game is uniquely qualified to offer an educated opinion about many issues facing Americans today.

This self-professed baseball crusader’s goal is to use founding principles as moral guides and to judge by content of character, not celebrity.  He questions the motives and actions of so-called role models and addresses the prevalence of cheating in the game as well as in American culture.  There is a sense of urgency in Baltov’s writing that reflects the current American cultural crisis.  He prepares readers to respond if and when disaster strikes.

To learn more about this insightful author and inspiring lecturer and his riveting book series, visit .  



Roger Zotti of “Baltov is a knowledgeable, insightful and forceful writer…who has hit a homerun…an informative, passionate, humorous and scrupulously-researched autobiography; it’s concerned with the good and bad aspects of baseball, along with the sport’s link with religion, history, politics, music, movies and his family and friends.”