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From law abiding citizen to one of the country’s biggest drug traffickers: Charting the life of a modern-day Robin Hood.

Alexandria, VA. – As most Americans are aware, our government has been asked many times about ending the federal prosecution of adults who smoke marijuana and the answer is always a resounding “no!” In the current state of our economy, it would seem prudent to at least consider, given the exorbitant savings and tax revenue that would be generated from regulating the sale and production of cannabis – somewhere around $14 billion.

DC political columnist John McCaslin’s timing was perfect for his latest book, Weed Man: The Remarkable Journey of Jimmy Divine (Thomas Nelson Publishing), to be released in May, that tells the colorful tale of a modern-day, swashbuckling, Caribbean Robin Hood. McCaslin divulges the extraordinary, almost unbelievable, exploits of Jimmy Divine – a law-abiding citizen who became one of the biggest drug traffickers to infiltrate this country; one who risked life and limb to make – and give away – a fortune!

What started out to be an ordinary day for Jimmy Moree as he goes on his usual jog – ends up changing his life forever. After Jimmy stumbles upon several million dollars, his life keeps taking twists and turns that seem more and more incredible as millions more appear to fall into his lap! With every million he makes, Jimmy’s stories become more bizarre than the last; everything from trying to poison a mean neighbor with a deadly barracuda to stealing the holy garments and identity of his Catholic school priest and storing his “booty” in the crawl space of the church during Easter services. The various sides of Jimmy’s personality wears many different hats: shown in his dealings with crooked cops and politicians; directing the neighborhood crime watch at the same time he is trafficking drugs; the extreme generosity showered on poor farmers and fisherman who helped his ailing mother – up to his unlikely inclusion on the guest list to witness the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana!

With an estimated annual retail value of $113 billion, it would behoove our government to consider legalizing marijuana for many reasons, but two in particular – first, the enormous amount of tax revenue that would be pumped into our faltering economy and, secondly, to cripple the warring drug cartels and gangs who cross our borders daily. For additional information visit:



Katie Couric, anchor and managing editor of CBS Evening News, says: “I’m delighted John McCaslin has climbed out of his political trench in Washington long enough to set sail on this astonishing journey ….. in typical McCaslin fashion, he manages to bring his readers back to the nation’s capital in a chapter that will certainly have official tongues wagging in Washington.”

Wolf Blitzer, anchor and host on CNN’s The Situation Room, says “This story is so compelling …McCaslin has put it all together in a way that simply made me want to just keep on reading. Wow!”

G. Gordon Liddy, Watergate figure and nationally-syndicated radio host: “For years everybody in Washington has turned to John McCaslin’s Inside the Beltway column for the inside skinny on what is going on in our nation’s capital. Now, in Weed Man…he brings his exceptional reportorial talent to bear in a fascinating expose of the drug trade.”

Michael Reagan, presidential son and nationally syndicated radio host: “McCaslin was a twenty something White House correspondent covering my dad, Ronald Reagan, when I first read his unique musings. Maybe I’m not surprised…..that he’s now somehow made his way to a distant tropical island and uncovered the colorful if not hilarious escapades of drug trafficker Jimmy Divine.”

Mark Bowden, author of Black Hawk Down, Guests of the Ayatollah, and Killing Pablo: “Proof positive that the extras in James Bond movies are far more interesting than the films, the story ….is so colorful it is hard to believe…or put down. Told in a breezy, witty style, McCaslin’s book captures moments in relatively recent Caribbean history when it was again possible to make a fortune by the ability to steer a boat stealthily through dangerous seas.”


Top Military Man Appears on Fox News to Tell What Really Happened With Civilian Killings in Afghanistan

Alexandria, VA. – Former Brigadier General Anthony Tata, U.S. Army (retired) who spent thirteen months in Afghanistan, was invited to speak on Fox News last week on a variety of topics in two separate venues, America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer, and Fox and Friends weekday edition. BG Tata provided in depth analysis on controversial Taliban tactics, which led to civilian casualties and U.S. blame. He also provided concise viewpoints on the prisoner abuse photo release flap, Afghanistan strategy, and intelligence sharing with the Pakistan government.

Tata is no stranger to this type of action as evidenced in his action-packed military thriller Sudden Threat (Variance Publishing), which undoubtedly shows he has personally ‘walked the talk.’ His premiere novel was called “Riveting entertainment at its best” by the Military Writers Society of America, and named, “One of my must read authors,” by New York Times bestselling writer, Brad Thor. Master paratrooper, ranger qualified, Combat Action Badge and Bronze Star are just some of Tata’s bona fides that make this novel so credible. Sudden Threat is the prequel to Rogue Threat, his latest book in the Threat series, which will be released on October 13th by Variance Publishing.

Tata’s novel is a story about two brothers, Matt and Zachary Garrett, CIA paramilitary operative and U.S. Army officer respectively, who get caught in the crossfire of competing Beltway conspiracies. Matt is abruptly re-routed to an obscure assignment in China and the Philippines just as he was about to close in on al Qaeda senior leadership in Pakistan. Later, sifting through the wreckage of a C-130 aircraft in the Philippine jungle and finding a dead Special Forces paratrooper, Matt is forced to question why he was placed on the edge of the global war on terror. As he is pursued by Muslim insurgents, he stumbles upon a weapons factory guarded by Japanese soldiers in Mindanao’s uncharted rain forests. At the same time, and unknown to Matt, his brother’s infantry company is deployed to guard an ammunition stockpile near Manila. As the two brothers fight their elusive enemies overseas, they do not realize they are pawns in a game of chess played by a powerful band of men inside the DC Beltway trying desperately to forestall the Iraq invasion while keeping the country focused on the fight against Islamic terrorism. The beautiful Meredith Morris challenges the conspirators, but events take a lethal turn when a member of the Beltway group decides to go solo.

Brigadier General Tata is a contributing writer to and also begins as Chief Operating Officer of Washington, DC, Public Schools on 1 June 2009.



A. J. Tata’s novels have already been compared by U.S. News and World Report with the works of Tom Clancy. With top acclaim and praise as “A pulse-pounding, military thriller” coming from Brad Thor, NY Times #1 best-selling author of The Last Patriot, definitely makes A.J. Tata and his ‘Threat’ series an exciting addition to the Thriller genre.


Millions wonder why religion is not satisfying their life questions – one man provides answers.

Brackenridge, PA. – It is obvious that worn-out, archaic religious doctrines are no longer cutting it for fifteen percent of the U.S. population – this equates to about 45,000,000 people who are not finding fulfillment in organized religion. Truly understanding real life requires letting go of certain misleading beliefs and explanations we were taught during childhood that formed the preconceived notions of truth we carry with us through life as these only tend to mask life’s real flow. Beliefs and understandings that formed each and every one of our views are merely mental creations to the conscious – they tend to distort how reality works.

The Essence of Reality: A Clear Awareness of How Life Works (O-Books/John Hunt Publishing) illustrates the “Oneness” with which life works – how we can change the life patterns we have created by our western mindset that is full of invalid, illusion-inducing beliefs. These religious beliefs actually interfere with seeing that inner-outer flow. This insightful book gives the reader the necessary tools through meditation, dream analysis, and self-hypnosis to look inward to identify how these life patterns in health, success, and relationships were created, offering step-by-step guidance to regain power over our own quality of life.

The Essence of Reality, by Thomas Daniel Nehrer, is a unique compilation of the author’s own experiences studying many religions, visionaries and philosophers from the Greeks into modern times. Coming to see the inner-outer flow of life and achieving ‘Clear Awareness’ helped him objectively recognize the limitations and inaccuracies of philosophers throughout time. Please visit his informative website at

Nehrer has traveled over 26,000 miles to make some eighty appearances across the United States, Canada, Britain and the Netherlands, all without charge. Revenue from book sales is only used to cover expenses – not enrich him personally. “If you really understand how life works, you needn’t extract money from those who ostensibly don’t.” People want to hear what he has to say – they are ready to open their minds and learn not to fear introspection.



Move over Sam Spade – Make Room for Your Hawaiian Counterpart

San Juan Islands, WA. – High acclaim is coming from every literary corner for One Big Itch (ArcheBooks), the latest novel by Sara Williams.  As Eileen Goudge, NY Times best-selling author of The Diary, expounds: “Sara Williams channels her inner Raymond Chandler ….an addictively readable tale set in Hawaii and featuring detective John Spyer … abounds with local color and Hawaiian lore…the story moves along at a fast clip as it builds toward the cliffhanger climax.  You won’t see the end coming.”  This character-driven thriller is filled with hair-raising twists and turns that will have the reader flipping pages so fast in this modern-day “whodunit” they will probably end up with paper cuts!

Readers of One Big Itch will discover: 

  • A cryptic plea tucked into a Honolulu party invite from the new bride of    an old friend puzzles Hawaiian P.I. John Spyer and sets things in motion.
  • Spyer’s internationally-renowned old friend ends up dead and Spyer asks himself if the wife found out his buddy was a world-class womanizer.
  • As Hawaiians know, Honolulu is rumored to be haunted and Spyer is warned by Madam Pele, mercurial fire goddess, not to take the case.
  • Spyer’s investigation takes him to a familiar ancient valley, opening his own psychic wounds and testing his love for his mainland girlfriend.
  • The P.I. uncovers a frightening tale of obsessive love and learns his old buddy was charisma on steroids – way too popular with the ladies for his own good.
  • The local police believe his friend was killed by his own son, but the current wife and ex-wife believe he was killed by one of his crazed lovers.Police find an erotic manuscript at the deceased’s house and uncover his    involvement with seedy characters in an erotic book club. 
  • A wild ride of unexpected twists and turns follows all the way to the story’s suspense-filled climax!

Sara Williams and her husband lived in Hawaii for ten years, lending authenticity to her book through her own experience of this magical paradise.  Her first novel, The Don Juan Con, was optioned in Hollywood by producer Robert Evans for Paramount Studios.  Her second novel, The Serenoa Scandal, was the prequel to One Big Itch. 



Don Bruns, author of Bahama Burnout: “If you love characters, One Big Itch has plenty of them…if you love location, you’ll fall in love with Sara’s Hawaii, and if you love a suspenseful race to the finish plot, One Big Itch will give you all you want.  What a great read!”

Diana A.S. Stuckart, author of Portrait of a Lady, second in the Leonardo da Vinci mystery series: “One Big Itch is one wild ride!  With her quirky characters and rollercoaster plot, Williams weaves a slyly entertaining tale …combines lush Hawaiian landscape of travelogues with gritty reality of its urban streets…alive with authentic native voices, this fast-paced mystery will leave you wanting to hop the next plane for a tropical adventure of your own.”

Rodger Nichols, editor The Dalles Chronicle: “Spyer is an appealing mixture of John D. MacDonald’s Travis MaGee and Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer with an exotic locale thrown in for spice.  Williams has caught the rhythm and feel of the Hawaiian life…her characters are real, three-dimensional…whose actions grow naturally out of their characters, not some arcane plot demands….the plot is a gem, with layer upon layer unfolding as Spyer investigates the murder of a childhood friend.”

John Kachuba, author of Ghosthunters: “One Big Itch is one great book, yeah?  It kept one ghost-hunting writer turning the pages wikiwiki Mahalo for one fun read.”

Barrie-Louise Switzen, The Woman’s Connection: “I love a good mystery that keeps me on the edge and One Big Itch fits the bill…just when I thought we couldn’t have another twist, P.I. John Spyer comes up against one more.  The added benefit is all the Hawaiian culture woven throughout and makes me yearn to return to Hawaii.


Author gives book proceeds and devotes her life to helping forgotten strays on island paradise

Isla Mujeres, Mexico – If it were not for the kindness and generosity of spirit of people like Alison Sawyer Current and her team of amazing volunteers, dogs and cats on this beautiful island and in the neighboring mainland community of Rancho Viejo, would believe that this was their idea of hell!  The prospect of a happy life for many of these sweet animals would be impossible if left to the local government whose archaic idea of reducing the animal population is to tragically end their life right there on the street.  Thankfully, there is an organization of hope, dedicated to decreasing the pet population the humane way – through ongoing spay/neuter programs, education, vaccinations and adoption.  Isla Animals took over this wonderful project, originally started by Amigos de los Animals, in 2002 and they work relentlessly to provide a happy future for these deserving animals.

Alison Sawyer Current divides her time between Colorado and Mexico and is the operator of this unofficial humane society.  In 2005 she received The Doris Day Animal Kindred Spirit Award for her work, and she consulted in Mexico City for the Forum on Small Animal Overpopulation in Mexico.  For the past seven years, Alison and her faithful volunteers have worked diligently with other rescue groups in the Yucatan, U.S. and Canada on behalf of thousands of neglected animals to ensure they get the basic care that every loving animal deserves.

It is an even more amazing feat that this compassionate woman has found the time and energy to write a novel, and is using a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her book to further the care of her beloved extended feline and canine family.  Her intriguing novel, No Urn For The Ashes (Bayfire Press Publishing) is a composite blend of adventure and thrills, compassion and grief, showing an incredible psychological insight into human nature in the writer’s choice of dynamic characters.  Please visit her website at to see the fine work being accomplished by Alison and her team.



Journey to Hell to Catch Monstrous Creatures to Stock the World’s Largest Aquarium

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water …think again …unless you want to become an afterthought on the food chain!  Carcharodon Megalodon (MEG for short) was a 70-foot, 70,000 pound Great White shark, a monster that could eat the shark in JAWS and still have room for dessert! The most fearsome creature that ever lived is still lurking in the depths of the ocean and has no natural enemy – it is the predator of all predators.  Steve Alten, renowned NY Times best-selling author, takes us on a heart-stopping thrill ride of adventure in his latest novel, MEG – Hell’s Aquarium (Variance Publishing).  Make sure you are strapped in and ready for the journey of your life!

This amazing story begins in the western portion of the sixty million square miles that make up the Pacific Ocean.  Hidden deep beneath the surface is the Philippine Sea Plate – home to the nightmarish species of sea creatures believed to be extinct!  Jonas Taylor had been the best deep-sea submersible pilot in the Navy until his last dive in these waters when he panicked and launched the Navy’s vessel into a rapid emergency ascent that cost the lives of two scientists on board.  No one believed Jonas’ claim of seeing a monster shark with a head bigger than the entire sub.  His career over, his confidence shot, Jonas sets out to prove the giant does exist.  Jonas ultimately finds the giant and has to kill it but captures one of its surviving pups and brings it home.

The Tanaka Oceanographic Institute in Monterey, California, is home to the now 76 foot, 100,000 pound Carcharodon Megalodon that has returned to the lagoon to give birth to five female pups that are already proving too aggressive to keep in one pen.  A Dubai royal prince, building the world’s largest aquarium, wants to buy two of her ‘runts,’ if Jonas’ son David will be their trainer.  Jonas reluctantly agrees and David sets off to Dubai – never realizing his recruitment was for another purpose.  The prince knows that under the Philippine Sea Plate is a lost purgatory for the most terrifying sea monsters in history – and he wants them in his new aquarium!  To get a taste of what is to come, watch the trailer below or at:

MEG: Hell’s Aquarium, the fourth installment of Alten’s best-selling MEG series, proves to be the greatest yet with a major motion picture already in the works.  Visit this imaginative author at his website:  


Noteworthy past accomplishments of this acclaimed author in the previous three MEG novels include being on numerous best-seller lists, published in over twenty countries, and reaching best-seller status in France, Germany, Spain and Mexico, as well as becoming a popular radio series in Japan.


A new approach to healing a nation’s cultural obsession with food, sex and spiritual fulfillment.

What a Body Knows: Finding Wisdom in Desire (O-Books) by Kimerer LaMothe combines the author’s knowledge and experience as a philosopher, dancer, partner and mother to call our attention to a source of wisdom we have learned to ignore. Rather than blame our desires for food, sex, and spirit for our cultural and psychological ills, this book urges us to learn from these desires how to move in ways that will grant us the pleasure, health, and well being we seek. With each desire, the author describes what this wisdom is, how to find it, and why it works. Through a compilation of her own personal experiences, philosophical reflections and cultural analysis, we learn that our desire for food is guiding us to follow the arc of eating pleasure to a sense of enough; that our desire for sex is guiding us to ask our partners for what we need in order to help us give and receive a life-enabling touch, and that our desire for spirit is guiding us to create the network of relations that will support us in becoming who we are.

Finally, here is a book that shows how to find the wisdom in each of these desires – engaging people in the moment-by-moment ways they relate to their own sensations of desire. Like a breath of fresh air – it offers a different idea of what it means to be aware of one’s own self – an idea that aligns mind, body and spirit rather than promoting the kind of ‘mind over body’ sense of self that diverts us from what our bodies know.

What a Body Knows might be called “a mother’s philosophy,” since it has the author’s own experiences with her children woven through its words. Part of her motivation for leaving the Harvard world of philosophy and theology and moving to a farm was to live life in a way that would allow her to tell a different story about who we humans are. She accomplishes her goal in What a Body Knows by offering a healing, liberating perspective on what it means to be a bodily self, complete with concrete practices that support it. Please visit her imaginative website at: .