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Words For All: Insightful Writings That Can Help Anyone Learn What Life Is Really All About

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Words For All: Insightful Writings That Can Help Anyone Learn What Life Is Really All About

Dr. Pieter Noomen’s personal spiritual path widened, unexpectedly and quite sensationally, about 25 years ago at a time when he was unhappy with the way his life was going, especially certain events in his personal life, and he was getting older. At that time he became familiar with the insights of Dr. Peter D. Francuch, who communicated with what he called ‘the Positive State.’ Noomen read about, and met, others who experienced a direct, personal connection with the ‘One Who Is Life’ — and that is when his own life changed significantly. He shares his experiences and offers access to the Source of that information in his writings on the website at

Noomen posits that directly or indirectly, life stems from one common source and that to connect with that source is the highest level of existence we can achieve on earth.

Over the course of many years, Noomen experienced transformative “visits” on the spirit level — and he freely shares the universal and eternal facts of life that were com-municated to him on his website,

As he explains on his website, “I can only say that the information came from a pres-ence on my innermost spiritual level I was in communication with for some time. The words seem the result of my spirit merging with the spirit of life It/Her/Himself.”

Visitors to Noomen’s website can read about the 12 components of life through his 12 booklets: Oneness, Love, Life, Fire, Space, Connectedness, Progression, Effect, Free-dom, Joy, Differentness and Harmony. Throughout his writings, Noomen avoids using the name of any deity, such as God, and instead uses what he refers to as The Seven Names, each of which relates on a human level to the situation at hand: One Holy, Love, Truth, Proper, Healing, Manifestation and Energy.

A series of lessons on the site shares 147 thought-provoking questions and the illumi-nating answers that came to him during his extensive communications with the All Spir-it.

“In death,” Noomen writes, “everyone will, without exception and in a purely personal way, find out whether or not there is another dimension of existence.” The reflections shared on Noomen’s website invite readers to not wait until the end of their earthly lives for the answer.

Born in the Netherlands, Pieter Noomen completed doctoral studies in theology and pastoral psychology at the Free University of Amsterdam and was senior minister of three protestant churches. Later he worked as a psychotherapist and as a staff mem-ber of a Los Angeles metropolitan church. He was involved in mental health issues like suicide prevention and hospice. His personal spiritual path widened quite sensationally 25 years ago when he was drawn to the insights of Dr. Peter D. Francuch (1934-2001), who wrote about his communications with what he called the Positive State. This led to Noomen’s interest in experiencing a direct, personal connection with the One Who is Life. Noomen is retired and resides in Hollywood, California.

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