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A beautiful piece of art brings pleasure to the beholder and also pays tribute to an artist’s life and experiences

Claretta White’s life definitely prepared her for a career in the arts.  She was born into a family long active in architecture, music, stage, design and dance and her mother was a couture designer whose clothes were worn by movie stars of her day.  Claretta grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and studied dance dramatics, violin and piano, and as a child participated in theater and performing arts.  After high school she moved from Tulsa to Los Angeles and appeared in motion pictures where she met her husband – famous film director and producer, Sam White, and their amazing marriage gave them two children and lasted 63 years until her death in 2002.

Claretta’s painting began as a creative outlet while raising her family.  Her love of ballet became the subject of much of her work, and her personal experience with this expressive art adds such a sense of realism to her paintings.  She studied various painting techniques under the auspices of the late Ruby Usher, Leon Frank, Nicolai Fechin and Sergei Baumgarten.  This well-known California Impressionist won over twenty awards in competitive exhibitions around the country and her studies of flowers, landscape and clown portraits express not only her joy in life but the torment of inner sadness.
Claretta White’s work was featured in a series of educational books on painting by Walter T. Foster, himself a well-known artist, and she also wrote two books of her own; ‘How to Paint Dancers’ and ‘How to Paint Still Life’ and anyone purchasing one of her paintings from the website will receive a complimentary copy of the book the study was made from.  Claretta’s paintings have consistently held their value and appreciated over time yet still remain very affordable.  Their beauty would enhance any surroundings from hotels and restaurants to corporate art, personal collections, and galleries.

Please visit the website where the beautiful work of this extremely talented artist can be purchased at: .

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Missing Texas Teen Alexandria Lowitzer

Alexandria Lowitzer, Ali to her friends, is an active 16-year-old who loves to text on her cell phone and play softball. She has been missing since April 26 after getting off the school bus near her home in Spring, TX.

SPRING , TX  – Alexandria Lowitzer seems to have vanished without a trace.
No phone calls, no text messages, no good-bye letter to indicate she was upset and wanted to get away from things. No obvious reason, anyway, for her to be upset.

The last time anyone saw the 16-year-old teen from Spring, she was getting off the school bus April 26, only a few feet from her home on Low Ridge Road.

Since Saturday, May 1, the Laura Recovery Center for Missing Children, a non-profit organization based in Friendswood, has organized a massive onsite search effort that has so far drawn approximately 200 volunteers to comb the extensive wooded area behind the Lowitzer residence.

“We had a horse team out in the woods through the Greater Houston Search Dog Team, and they also brought a dog to do some tracking and trailing,” said Bob Walcutt, executive director of the Laura Recovery Center, which was contacted by Ali’s family. “So far we have nothing to hang our hat on. We had some tips, different leads, but nothing concrete.”

The Houston Police Mounted Patrol covered a large portion of the wooded expanse, assisting Precinct 4 Constable’s deputies and Harris County Sheriff’s officials in the recovery effort, Walcutt said, and two men volunteered to search the area on ATVs.

“We’re literally covering areas where someone could take a person, commit a crime and [leave] them – large wooded areas, ponds, creeks,” he said. “Around here, there are a lot of places like that and so far we have found nothing. We’re still no further along than we were on the first day.”


Walcutt said his organization generally doesn’t get involved in runaway cases, which was still the current status assigned to Ali’s disappearance by law enforcement as of Friday.

“If we knew for sure this was a runaway, we would not be physically here right now,” he explained. “But Alexandria apparently lives on her phone, uses her text messaging all the time. When she left, everything stopped once she got off that bus. Everything. There has been no activity on that phone since then, which leads to the possibility that something may have happened to her at that point.”

Shaye Vaught is a friend of the Lowitzer family. Her own daughter and Ali are good friends, and over the years Ali had become a part of Vaught’s family as well.

“I love Ali to death; she’s like a third daughter to me,” she said. “She used to be in my Girl Scout troop, and it was nothing to have Ali come in the door behind my daughters after school and stay for dinner.”

Vaught, who volunteered at the Laura Recovery camp all week long, described Ali as a good kid, very sweet – a kid who would never run away to leave everything, and everyone, she loves behind. Those who know the teen say for her to miss her softball team’s season tournament and her best friend’s 16th birthday party is out of character.

“She’s a teenage girl, sure, but she’s not in any way a troublemaker,” she explained. “She was very excited about her job at Burger Barn. I think she really liked the work. She constantly called them to pick up extra shifts.”

In fact, officials believe Ali was on her way to pick up her paycheck from work, only half a mile from her home, after she got off the school bus.

Vaught said law enforcement could dedicate more resources to the search for Ali if her status were updated to “endangered.”

“It’s disheartening that she’s still listed as a runaway,” she said. “It would step things up a notch.”

Walcutt said law enforcement continues to conduct its investigation and at this time there is no hard evidence that foul play is involved. At the same time, he said, the complete lack of activity on Ali’s cell phone was enough to convince the Laura Recovery Center to get involved.

“My best hope is that she is a runaway,” he said. “In that case, she can come home and be safe and well. If she’s not a runaway, then all bets are off. In 99 out of 100 cases, everything turns out fine, but it’s that one percent that’s worrisome. Bad things do happen.”

If you have any information concerning Ali please contact: Contact: Dawn DavisLaura Recovery Center at 906 Anna Lane, Friendswood, Texas  77546 –”> – 281-785-1268 – or 281-482-5723,

Ali’s flyer can be distributed from http://www.LRCF.NET/missing/1551

The Laura Recovery Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, that was founded in Laura Smither’s memory. The Center focuses on Education, Search, and Prevention in the area of missing children, has offered free abduction prevention programs to over 200,000 children throughout the greater Houston area, worked with approximately 1,450 families with missing loved ones, and has organized 95 community searches for abducted children nationwide. The Center trains law enforcement at the Houston Police Department training academy and other agencies in Texas, and distributes educational materials and child ID kits.

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Digitex Corporation Named an Elite Dealer by OfficeDEALER Magazine

Digitex Corporation of League City, Texas, has been named one of the country’s Elite Dealers by OfficeDEALER magazine. The award is presented annually by the magazine to the top office equipment, office products, and office furniture dealers in the U.S. According to publisher Rick Kunkel, the 110 dealers presented with the prestigious 2008 Elite Dealer awards were selected from a record number of entries. “It takes something special to stand out as an Elite independent dealer in 2008,” Kunkel said. “Among Elite Dealers, success is not about surviving, it’s about thriving – even in tough economic times.” A profile of Digitex Corporation is included in the August 2008 issue of OfficeDEALER magazine.

Digitex Corporation was founded in 1996 by Mark Kinley. As the area’s leading provider of state-of-the-art office equipment, the company has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past ten years and now has 31 employees. The dealership provides a wide range of copier, facsimile, and related supplies and service and it a major supplier of Ricoh, Canon, & Kyocera office equipment.

Mark Kinley, president of Digitex Corporation, stated, “This prestigious award from the industry’s leading publication underlines the importance that we place on serving our customers and being an important part of the community. This recognition is a real honor and tribute to the many dedicated employees of Digitex, and we’re proud to be a part of this elite group of dealers.”

OfficeDEALER magazine is a national publication that serves more than 13,000 subscribers involved in the reselling of office supplies, office furniture and office equipment. The Elite Dealer award is based on a company’s superior sales and marketing, dedication to customer service, community envolvement and the ability to provide customers with unique and innovative solutions. For additional information about the magazine, visit their Website at

Come join us for Digitex Discovery Day on October 9, 2008 and discover what Digitex can offer you with our innovative Document Solutions. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for understanding, food and fun!

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New Idea by NauticShare Makes Boating Available for Everyone, and Not Just the Privileged

We have all heard of Timeshares but Kevin Kaiser, Founder and mastermind of NauticShare Global Ventures, tweaked this idea and came up with something really clever yet cost-effective for people who truly love boating. This innovative company’s unique and affordable plan allows virtually anyone access to a yacht. It’s not about boat ownership it’s about boat membership. With the exception of people who actually live on a boat, the wisdom and logic behind this program makes so much sense – use the boat and leave the boat. The company takes care of slip fees, insurance costs, mortgage or maintenance – it’s all included in the monthly membership. For those who dream of relaxing on a boat but don’t want the accompanying upkeep or prohibitive costs – this company has now made that dream a reality. They meticulously maintain their boats, allowing clients to enjoy themselves without having to do a thing – it appears NauticShare just made boating seriously easy for everyone!

The company offers three easy memberships that include weekday access, weekends only, or a mix of the two. Plans start at a few hundred dollars per month with no long-term commitment. Each prospective member goes through a weekend training course of 15-20 hours until the client can confidently and safely handle a boat. This one-of-a-kind membership is currently offered in Kemah and Lake Conroe, with a choice of from 18’-42’ power boats and sailing yachts, including pontoons, sport boats, “go fast” boats and cruisers.

NauticShare also has something to offer current boat owners. If their boat meets the company’s strict guidelines for value and condition, it can be added to the fleet and the company pays the owner’s slip fees, insurance costs and routine maintenance, allowing the owner at least seven full days access per month to their respective boat, or unlimited access as available, together with an elite Navigator Membership. As Kaiser states, “There is even a way to generate income off of your own boat.”

The concept of NauticShare is also available as a business license around the country in a market that is currently wide open, which should be of definite interest to anyone with the desire of getting into the maritime business. For more information on these groundbreaking programs, go to



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Helping The Youth Of America

Adopt-An-Author is a program of great interest to parents and teachers everywhere.  It is a non-profit, nationwide service whose mission is to make reading fun again for thousands of reluctant teenagers by using best-selling thrillers, heroic non-fiction, and motivational books.

Middle and high school teachers receive numerous FREE curriculum materials and enjoy classroom interaction with best-selling authors either via phone or personal appearances.  In just eight years, this successful program has received numerous credible endorsements and has registered over 8,000 teachers, representing over 100,000 students, proving that it has returned creativity to the classroom.

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