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  • Purpose is the propeller toward one goal: to awaken the potential of true self and find lasting peace.
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Purpose is the propeller toward one goal: to awaken the potential of true self and find lasting peace.

Mick Quinn offers a compelling guide to uncovering the abstract principles that prevent us being ourselves and finding freedom.  Through the simple yet profound message found in The Uncommon Path of Awakening Authentic Joy (O-Books), the author combines core aspects of many great works with his own. He offers a guide to awakening our full potential which includes realistic exercises and assessments to help the reader find real joy.
The Uncommon Path is a lively compilation of real-life relevance and concrete examples – a must-read for those who yearn for purpose and freedom and who, after years of self-help programs, now suspect that the things they want to overcome have been leading their quest all along. A drastic distinction between conceptual free will and conscious free will forms the basis for the entire book.  This sets the stage for the reader’s awakening to thrive as they blend their unfolding perspectives into their current way of life.  Told in conversational format, The Uncommon Path presents real-life stories that allow the reader to embrace their inner wisdom, and identify the life that is currently theirs by concealed conditioning; meaning the conversations, relationships, and responses to life that curb the expression of their greatest potential.

Currently residing in Utah, this Irish-born author was the founder and CEO of several multimillion-dollar companies and is quoted regularly in many publications, including CNN Living, The Washington Times and The Wall Street Journal.  He chose to give up his American Dream lifestyle in 2001, and studied Buddhism, Christianity, and the evolution of consciousness – all in search of discovering and expressing his eternal motives.  His work is touching the hearts, minds and spirits of all who come in contact with its direct yet gentle message.  Take time to visit this insightful author’s website at



Praise from best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality, Gary Renard: “…Quinn gives us a program to achieve genuine happiness …in an informative and gripping way.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is willing to let go of his/her suffering and achieve authentic joy.”

Raquel Torrent, Psychologist, Teacher and International Speaker, states: “..Quinn’s style is dear and direct and places you in a frame of mind from which to comprehend deeper and higher levels of yourself….he speaks between the lines, sometimes even in things he doesn’t say…like silence making music.  Highly recommend his excellent book.”

Ed Bobrow, author of eight books, believes that “Uncommon Path is nourishment for your soul and practical advice for your success…inspires change by helping you understand yourself and how to relate to the world around you.  Reading this book is a joy and applying its principles is a way to define your purpose and goals in life.  I am honored to commend it to you.”

Lynnda Pollio, author of Soulseeds says, “When we are ready for truth, it appears…many books speak of living in the moment…The Four Insights is the first of the next generation…real solutions for real people. “

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