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The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to clear out depression and anxiety and wake up inner peace

Receiving rave reviews and being featured in magazines is Leonard Szymczak’s latest book, The Roadmap Home (Booksurge – Division of  This insightful book masterfully blends the author’s thirty-five years as a therapist with his own personal challenges faced in life, and results in an inspiring guide that will steer readers through their own spiritual awakening. 

In his amazing book, the author has covered the gamut from personal growth and spirituality to guidance for those needing help in their quest for inner peace.  Szymczak shows how we can use our ever-present GPS (‘Guiding Power of Spirit’) to light up our road to love and contentment.

The Roadmap Home has been featured in the September issue of Black Tie magazine and reviewed in the November issue of Julien’s Journal, as well as the subject of a personal appearance by the author on Via Times television show in Chicago, and numerous radio interviews extending from California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, Minnesota and Arizona, where the feedback from listeners has been extremely positive.

Szymczak uses personal stories and experiences, examples, exercises, and self-mastery tools to transform pain and problems into opportunities for personal growth by answering questions of who we are and where we are heading; showing how we get there with the help of our ever-present GPS!  All aspects of these things guide readers to what we each consider ‘home,’ that includes improved health, relationships, finances, forgiveness and love.  Its powerfully compelling messages of hope will help them learn how to feel true joy, exercise free will, delight in the senses, and recognize their talents – all in order to fulfill their dreams and take them to that ‘place’ that feels safe and secure. 

A childhood filled with constant turmoil due to his father’s mental illness, domestic violence and parents who constantly pointed the finger of blame, taught Leonard Szymczak that sometimes the greatest gifts come out of our deepest wounds.  He believes the gift he received as a young boy was a quest to find ‘home’ – and his journey showed him that ‘home’ is within each of us – we just have to learn how to get there!  Anyone reading his book will have the opportunity to learn how to use his guide to help them find their own way home.

Leonard Szymczak is a licensed clinical social worker who conducts successful seminars and workshops, as well as maintaining a therapy practice in southern California.  For more information on this inspiring and compassionate individual, please visit his interactive website at:  



Midwest Book Review: “Home is a place where you are comfortable and can be very much yourself.  “The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace” is an inspirational read from Leonard Szymczak as he encourages readers to find their way home, something many have lost and have failed to find in recent times in their lives. Using GPS, or the Guiding Power of Spirit, he hopes people will find their own personal home where they can love and experience inner peace. “The Roadmap Home” is a thoughtful and solidly recommended read that shouldn’t be missed.”

Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret: “The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace is an intelligent and highly accessible book that blends practical psychology with heart-opening spirituality. If you are ready to heal on all levels, read this book.”

Karen Casey, best-selling author of Each Day A New Beginning: “I heartily endorse The Roadmap Home to the seeker of ‘a better way.’ ”

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., author of Love is Letting Go of Fear: “The Roadmap Home offers us hope. Leonard Szymczak provides an honest portrayal of his personal life and demonstrates that hardships can offer blessings in disguise. He provides a map to help us connect with the Guiding Power of Spirit so we can find our way Home.”

The Rev. Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: “Read this book! It will lift your heart and give hope and help for all on the spiritual pathway. Leonard Szymczak shares a treasure trove of ideas to bring a loving lasting peace to our hearts as we find our way home to wholeness.”

Harry Tucker, strategy advisor and author of 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know: Collective Wisdom from The Experts: “I have been forever impacted by the beautiful stories, exercises and experiences that Leonard so wonderfully presents in his newest book. It is a powerful extension of the man himself. He answers the questions of who we are, where we come from, where we are going, and how we get there. By sharing his own personal story, Leonard immediately resonates with the reader, assuring them that we are all on a journey together.”

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