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The Book America Desperately Needs Right Now

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The Book America Desperately Needs Right Now

Reno, NV. It’s the first night of Hanukkah, and all through the house everything is going like clockwork for secret gift-giver, Hanukkah Harvie. But it’s also Christmas Eve, and when Harvie enters a household that celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas, he comes face-to-face with the one and only Santa Claus! When the shocked pair realize that some families appear on each of their lists, the competition is on to prove which holiday reigns supreme. The two engage in a humorous gift-giving frenzy, and in the process, discover that working together is always better than working against each other.

Hanukkah Harvie vs. Santa Claus: The Chrismukkah Kerfuffle is an amusing, heartfelt holiday tale from acclaimed author David Michael Slater, featuring gorgeous illustrations from artist Michelle Simpson. A treat for children (and adults) of all ages, Hanukkah Harvie vs. Santa Claus promotes the powerful messages of tolerance, acceptance and compromise, some-thing — in the wake of Squirrel Hill (where David grew up) — our country needs more than ever.

David Michael Slater is an acclaimed author of over 20 books for children, teens and adults, including the hilarious comic-drama for adults, Fun & Games, a novel about growing up Jewish in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill. His nonfiction work includes 25 Ideas in Education That Just Don’t Work — And How to Fix Them. Slater teaches middle school in Nevada, where he lives with his wife and son. He recently wrote about his personal connection to the synagogue shootings in Squirrel Hill in his AP News article, “A mass murder in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood.” (Read it here:

You can learn more about Slater and his work at You can see his interview with Canada’s national Morning Show at

Hanukkah Harvie vs. Santa Claus
Publisher: Library Tales Publishing
ISBN-10: 0999275828
ISBN-13: 978-0999275825
Available from, and numerous other retailers


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