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The Remnant – When A Tattered Page From An Outlawed Bible Inspires Hope For A New Beginning


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The Remnant – When A Tattered Page From An Outlawed Bible Inspires Hope For A New Beginning

Los Angeles, CA ―The year is 2069; the Apocalypse came and went – but when Jesus didn’t show up, many survivors are left fearful and wondering…

The cataclysmic war left a totalitarian government ruling the world and they’ve outlawed the Bible and banned all forms of religion, banishing any who persist in practicing religion to work camps across the globe. In this riveting, action-packed plot, devout Christians are forced into hiding with only a piece of a ripped-out page from the Bible, showing a scrap of the Sermon on the Mount, as their beacon of hope.

Both inspiring and satirical, The Remnant follows the long and dangerous journey of Grant Cochrin, an escapee of a work camp, and his family as they journey in search of an authentic Christian community in the lawless wilderness of North America. Having so far encountered nothing but strange religious communities along the way, they are about to start their own community when they are ambushed by human traffickers.

When World Federation security forces intervene at the last minute, the Cochrins expect imprisonment but instead come face-to-face with an unthinkable choice. As even more bizarre events unfold in this mystifying and challenging world of spiritual and physical dysfunction, there nevertheless remains a very real sense of hope.

As Wolverton masterfully entertains readers, his thought-provoking story also encourages them to freely question religious institutions and organizations. Unlike any other book on the shelves about Christianity in a dystopian future, The Remnant inspires, makes us laugh, and scares us … but all the while reinforces the belief that Jesus is with us no matter how dysfunctional we are.

Monte Wolverton is an award-winning author, syndicated editorial cartoonist and an associate editor of CWR magazine. He is an ordained minister and holds a MA from Goddard College in Vermont. He lives in southwest Washington State with his wife, Kaye.

The Remnant
Monte Wolverton
CWR Press
An imprint of Plain Truth Ministries
Available for preorder at

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