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Walk With Apostle Peter On His Journey Toward Understanding The Power Of The Holy Spirit

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Walk With Apostle Peter On His Journey Toward Understanding The Power Of The Holy Spirit

A lot of people believe in Jesus Christ but few have a deep, personal relationship with him. Fewer still have a full comprehension of the power of the Holy Spirit. What about you? Are you trying to follow Jesus, but feel like you are falling short? Or perhaps you feel good about your relationship with Jesus, but deep down, you expected to feel differently when you ac-cepted Jesus into your heart and life — there has to be more, right?

Many Christians have become comfortable with the status quo of their faith. They go to church. Lead good lives. Do good deeds. All the while, they read about the intangible con-cept of the Holy Spirit. They listen in church as the pastor speaks of the miracles throughout Acts.
Jesus and Paul and Peter talk about a new power, but what could this power actually look like in day-to-day life?

In The Missing Link: Your Journey With Peter From Self Power to Holy Spirit Power, author Sam Hunter takes readers along on a journey with Apostle Peter, as he transforms from self-centered into being truly filled with the power of the Holy Spirit following Jesus’ return to Heaven.

Told entirely from Peter’s perspective, The Missing Link is a conversational, thought-provoking read that aims to help readers understand the unique and often misunderstood concept of the Holy Spirit. Readers will see the Holy Spirit in a whole new light and learn to appropriate and live with this new power that Jesus promised.

Hunter’s approach is engaging and down-to-earth, with lessons taken directly from scripture woven seamlessly throughout. The Missing Link is for anyone seeking a closer walk with Je-sus and a deeper understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Educated and trained as a structural design engineer, author Sam Hunter spent 20 years in real estate and construction. Jesus turned the light on when Hunter was 38, and he was born again. He has been teaching and preaching about following Jesus for 20 years. He is the host of 721 Live, the radio arm of 721 Ministries and can be heard Fridays 11:00-11:30 on FM91.9 and FM92.9 Christian Talk Radio. He is also the author of The Putting Green Devotional Series for men and women and has produced two DVD curriculums: Contentment: The Path to Peace; and Fear: Do you React in Fear or Respond in Faith? His aim is to help men and women find and live “Life to the Full.” He resides in Greenville, SC.

The Missing Link
Release Date: October 2019
Publisher: High Bridge Books
ISBN-10: 1946615439
ISBN-13: 978-1946615435
Available from and from

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