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You don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it is a simple saying with a whole lot of truth in it

Kentetsu Takamori is a revered, best-selling author in his native Japan where his latest book, Something You Forgot…Along the Way: Stories of Wisdom and Learning (Ichimannendo Publishing), has sold well over 650,000 copies.  Translated into English, it has received so much attention in this country that it has been ordered by major hospitals, such as, UCLA Medical Center, Cedars Sinai, St. Luke’s, Huntington Beach Hospital, just to name a few, who believe its inspiring messages will help patients and families alike.

The old adage ‘the best things come in small packages’ totally describes this amazing book that has a total of sixty-five short stories that bring Takamori’s philosophy to life – a philosophy that is so simple in its wisdom of ‘what we have is not ours forever.’   Undoubtedly, if we didn’t know how much longer we would have with family and friends – we would cherish every moment with them. 

Takamori’s stories guide us to see deeper into life, focusing on the importance of honor and perseverance, and demonstrating that success only comes through the fruit of our efforts.  For anyone dealing with the results of a poor economy, a lost job, or lost housing or business, this is a must-read to find positive answers to believe in.  Its heart-warming stories show what it means to learn from life experiences in order to better ourselves and the world we live in, believing that once we accept the inevitability of change we have taken the first step towards a brighter future. 

The lesson in each story is honesty, the frankness unforgettable – drawing readers in to its direct and unapologetic message.  Each page exudes sincerity and goodness, motivating the reader to want to become a better person – truly a worthy read for anyone seeking a meaningful existence. 


Mr. Takamori has an Irish representative, Frank Costelloe, who represents him in the United States for interviews or guest appearances, and he does it with flair and charm as only the Irish can do. 


Virginia Esteban of Hoyen Delaware: “Takamori’s book is a jewel.”

Keith Lorenz: “It is small enough to put in your pocket but large enough to change your life.”

Midwest Book Review: “The stories carry much in philosophy and are heavily Buddhist inspired.”

Bonnie Neely of “I highly recommend this book.”

Duane Benjamin of Urbanology Magazine: “Warm and profound stories.”

Jerry Groebner, Lake Region Times: “Why did I forget these simple things?”

Karen Hinson, Machias Valley News Observer: “It provides valid daily lessons in humility and understanding”

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