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Inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology: New Book Reveals ‘Sinister Secret’

In his gripping, eye-opening memoir, Wuhan Unleashed: The True Story of Bio-Weapons and the Start of the Pandemic, Ron Fleming recounts his experiences in Wuhan, a city that is synonymous with controversy, terror and fear.

“At the time of my fateful trip, I was one of the first Americans to visit this now-infamous laboratory,” Fleming writes in the book.

His unforgettable story begins in the 1990s when, as a young trade representative eager to travel the world, he embarks on an internship with the United States Foreign Commercial Services — but quickly finds himself at the center of a global conspiracy.

As the British hand over Hong Kong to China, Fleming is one of the first to visit mainland China to promote U.S. products for a monumental construction project. Little does he know that this adventure will lead him deep into the heart of a tyrannical regime and a clandestine laboratory.

As Fleming shares his amazing journey through China, readers will discover “a country that is strikingly beautiful with a rich history that is beginning to open to the world and at the same time is run by an oppressive regime that strips innocent people of their freedom, hope and in some cases, life itself.”

However, it is in the city of Wuhan where the plot truly thickens. A chance encounter with the “Elderly of Wuhan” leads Fleming down an unexpected path, exposing the presence of a deadly unknown virus within the region. With his diverse background in science and technology, along with a relentless curiosity, he ventures into the contaminated depths, uncovering what he calls the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s sinister secret — it was operating as a dual-purpose lab, engaged in gain-of-function research and bioweapons experimentation.

“This discovery put us in danger and resulted in a fascinating yet terrifying adventure throughout China, as we avoided the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese military to make a quick exit from the country,” Fleming added.

Readers should brace themselves as they delve into the pages of Wuhan Unleashed, where the author’s shocking secret could forever alter the course of history, leaving a profound influence on both current and future generations.


About the Author

As a U.S. trade representative, Ron Fleming was one of the first Americans to visit mainland China after the British returned Hong Kong to China. Here, he promoted U.S. products for Chinese construction projects, and later on, other U.S. products as he became a trade representative for the state of California. Eventually, he started his own international trading company.

With a background in business, science, technology and international trade, Fleming was uniquely qualified to see and confirm what was happening at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Through writing Wuhan Unleased, Fleming’s goal is to shine a light on the truth of how the pandemic and Covid-19 really got started.

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Wuhan Unleashed: The True Story of Bio-Weapons and the Start of the Pandemic


Release Date: June 28, 2023

ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8988611905

Available from


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