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Psychological Screening of Virus-Handling Scientists Might Not be a Bad Idea

Standing in a league of its own in novels dealing with the frightening subject of bioterrorism, is The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow, the premiere novel of Dr. Paul Boor that takes place in the highest-level research facility for infectious agents in the United States – the Bio-safety Level-4 laboratory on the Island of Galveston, Texas.

This unique novel inspired James Mangum, author of Dead and Dying Angels, to say “…a nightmarish scenario, splicing bird flu and DNA manipulation with human despair. Unseen things are coming to your neighborhood. Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

In The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow, the plot unfolds in the lab of Dr. Mallow, a research scientist who is hot on the trail of an emerging bird-flu virus. At the peak of his academic career, Mallow begins making notes on the strange behavior of a brilliant but troubled student who has become obsessed with drowning
in one’s car. The student convinces Mallow to confront a board of auto-industry safety executives. When the senior scientist is ruthlessly dismissed, his notes take the reader into a downward spiral of a scientific career, the deadliest epidemic in history, and a horrific finale that won’t be forgotten.

In The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow, the most dangerous organisms in the bio-lab ARE the scientists themselves!

Dr. Boor’s novel has received top acclaim from world-renowned scientists, foremost among these being
Dr. C.J. Peters, the virus hunter who headed the U.S. Army unit that battled Ebola in The Hot Zone, and the acclaimed author of Virus Hunter.

Steve Alten, NY Times Best-selling author of The Shell Game, adds his praise: “The Blood Notes of Peter
Mallow unnerves the reader with its medical implications. How close are we to eradicating our own species? Should we be delving into Pandora’s Box? Dr. Boor pulls back the curtain on how we deal with pandemic…and the human side of the threat. A great read!”

Geoffrey Leavenworth, author of Isle of Misfortune, sums it up fittingly, “The plot is gripping, the writing elegant …. It had me praying for psychological screening of all scientists.”

Filmmaker Roger Corman says, “Scary, because it’s told from the inside. A great concept, full of drama – and what an ending!”

Dr. Boor’s book is character-driven, mainstream, and “real science” rather than science fiction. He adds personal and professional credibility to the book with his background as a Harvard-trained pathologist and scientist, and his current position as a professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

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