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Emotional Brain Training – A New Antidote To Pandemic Stress

Emotional Brain Training – A New Antidote To Pandemic Stress

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Stress is overwhelming our nation. We are all in the same situation and need to unlock our brain’s natural powers to process stress back to health, happiness and purpose. New York Times bestselling author and health psychologist Laurel Mellin delivers a unique, proven way to switch off that stress with “What’s my number?” One Simple Question that Unlocks Your Brain’s Power for Health, Happiness & Purpose.

“We are entering the Age of the Emotional Brain, a time when the overwhelming chaos, shrinking resources, gaslighting and gridlock cause so much brain stress, that we have outstripped the thinking brain’s capacity to cope,” Dr. Mellin writes. “We need to reset our approach to play by the rules of the emotional brain. By doing that one thing solutions to life’s challenges appear. We unlock the amazing power of the brain.”

“What’s my number?” offers a profoundly effective way to alter how we process daily life to meet the high-stress demands of our times. Through emotional brain training (EBT), we can use the power of our own emotions to crush cravings and regain control; clear away ineffective beliefs; deal with workplace stress; relieve anxiety, depression and hostility; resolve conflicts in relationships; boost our sense of purpose; and create joy in our lives.

Consider the following:
• Traditional methods for stress reduction were developed 50 to 100 years ago and are no longer relevant to today’s overwhelming stress levels.
• Before 1990, stress was low enough that we could think and do our way out of problems. With far more stress, the emotional brain takes charge. This brain does not change by thoughts or actions, but by emotions, so we need a new system for processing daily life.
• This system is easy, fast and can switch off stress and activate positive emotions in about four minutes.
• Stress is the number one epidemic worldwide and the physiological root cause of common diseases (diabetes, cancer and heart disease) and causes or exacer-bates all emotional, behavioral and relationship problems.
• We have cracked the code on emotions and developed a simple system for pro-cessing emotional stress and switching off stress overload that anyone can use.

“What’s my number?” offers the keys to unlocking the brain’s power to turn off stress so that we can stem the negative cascade of emotions, resolve conflicts, boost our sense of purpose and create more joy in our lives.

Dr. Laurel Mellin is the founder of Emotional Brain Training (EBT), a neuroscience-based solution to stress. She is a health psychologist and Associate Clinical Professor of Family and Community Medicine and Pediatrics, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Mellin is a New York Times bestselling author and researcher, speaker and clinical trainer. EBT is the only method that maps the emotional brain; the seat of health, happiness, spirituality, relationships and productivity in a structured way that empowers people to self-direct their own emotional health and well-being.

For more information, please visit; read Dr. Mellin’s blog at; or connect with her on Instagram at or on Facebook at

“What’s my number?” One Simple Question that Unlocks Your Brain’s Power for Health, Happiness & Purpose
Release Date: April 2020
Publisher: EBT Books
ISBN-10: 1893265013
ISBN-13: 978-1893265011
Available from

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